3 Smooth Songs You Didn’t Know Crooner John Legend Wrote Solo

Soul singer John Legend (born John Stephens) is known for his smooth yet somehow gritty voice. The singer of songs like “Ordinary People” and “All Of Me,” Legend is also known for collaborating with big name artists from The Roots to Kanye West, with whom he wrote some of his best-known numbers.

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But there are the few songs that Legend penned all on his own. Example: these three tunes here below. For the 45-year-old Springfield, Ohio-born musician, these songs represent his talent unfiltered and uncompromised. Just him and his work. So, let’s dive into the music.

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1. “Sun Comes Up”

Written by John Legend

This 2013 single from Legend demonstrates his piano talent, his oak tree-like voice and his penchant for writing love songs with more passion than the Hallmark channel. The offering also appears on the soundtrack for the popular television show, Grey’s Anatomy. On the bright, rhythmic tune, the iconic singer belts,

I know you think I’m like the the other man,
you let him in and he breaks your heart again
But this things more than physical
I’ll free your mind and I’ll bless your soul
Tonight we’re gonna loose track of time
body and spirit will intertwine
and you’ll stay here the rest of the night and

Baby when the sun comes up, I’m gonna be holding you
It’s just a need that your next to me, I’m in love with you
Oh and baby when I wake up, I’m gonna be there with you,
a new day rise I want to look in your eyes when he sun comes up

2. “Where Did My Baby Go”

Written by John Legend

This song was released on Legend’s 2006 album, Once Again. It’s a theatrical track that could be part of a movie soundtrack or sung in a lounge as listeners sip their Old Fashions or Manhattans as if the whole world is an Old Hollywood scene. On the song, Legend’s big voice swells and soars. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this guy once he opens his mouth to croon? On the track, he hums,

Where did my baby go?
I wonder where she ran off to
I miss my baby so… I’m calling but I can’t get through
Please tell that girl if you meet her,
That someone’s longing to see her
Where did my baby go?
I wish that she would get back soon

Searching for the lover I knew… Have you seen her?
Where did she go?
Feels like I just lost my only friend
Flames subsided, colors faded… Love just got so complicated
Wish that I could see her smile again

3. “Please Baby Don’t”

Written by John Legend

Written for legendary Brazilian musician Sérgio Mendes’s 2006 album, Timeless, which was co-produced by Mendes and Black Eyed Peas frtonman will.i.am, this track was written by John Legend himself. Later, Latin rhythms and radio-friendly production were put on top. But on the track, which includes Legend singing expertly as only he can, he speaks of love and its temptations,

Please baby don’t (baby don’t)
Don’t fall in love with me
Please baby don’t (baby don’t)
You know my history
See honey I’m (honey I’m)
I’m just trying to warn you (let me warn you)
Please baby don’t (baby don’t)
Don’t fall in love with me

I’ve been cruisin’ down this road for a while now,
I should tell the truth…
Girl you’ve been so good to me but I know
I’m no good for you
You should run while you can
Find yourself a better man
‘Cause I’m known for brief romance
And breakin’ hearts across the land

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