3rd Place | July/August 2014 Lyric Contest, “Gravity”

3rd Place
Anne Stieber
Asheville, North Carolina

Well they say
‘when things begin
to go downhill,
then that’s the end,’
but I don’t know if that’s quite true –
‘tween me and you? –
maybe what they see
is just gravity…

When a season
slips away
and the next one
takes its place,
they’ll say ‘time and life unwind
in some straight line’
like they can’t see
it’s just gravity …

We drew our arrows,
and we aimed high –
we watched them race up
across a brilliant sky.
Now in perfect arcs, and all around,
they’re raining down,
raining down…

And though this the world
keeps spinning ‘round,
they say ‘a new one
must soon be found,’
but I don’t see this one we know
just letting go –
seems to me,
it’s just gravity…


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