4 Bands That Sound Like Fleetwood Mac

There truly isn’t a band out there quite like Fleetwood Mac. The only thing that has come close is Stevie Nicks’ solo music. Still, there are a few bands out there that have a similar vibe to the pop-rock-folk icons. Let’s look at a couple of examples of bands that sound like Fleetwood Mac.

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1. Eagles

Eagles are probably the only band you’ll find that sound close to Fleetwood Mac. They are in the same ballpark and have made music at the same time as Fleetwood Mac. They aren’t a substitute (no band could be), but if you like the folk-rock vibe of Fleetwood Mac, try listening to some of Eagles’ greatest hits.

2. Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen sounds somewhat similar to Fleetwood Mac, especially on the track “Sister” from her 2016 album My Woman. But they are similar in the sense that Olsen likes to blend and mix genres just like Fleetwood Mac. She’s known for melting together garage rock with vintage country and reverb-y country stylings.

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3. First Aid Kit

There are quite a few similarities between Fleetwood Mac and First Aid Kit in the latter’s song “My Silver Lining” from the album Stay Gold. The indie duo has a similar Southern gothic witchy vibe that Fleetwood Mac (notably Stevie Nicks, specifically) had. Their storytelling ability in their lyrics is also quite similar to Fleetwood Mac if you really listen.

4. Beach House

Beach House’s track “Space Song” has seen a resurgence in popularity lately. Their genre is quite different from Fleetwood Mac, as they’re more on the indie electronic side. However, one could see them as having the same psychedelic, folkish energy as Fleetwood Mac. This is also quite evident in the band’s recent release “Become” and the eponymous album it is on.

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