4 Crazy Internet Rumors About Rock Stars That Might Be True (But Probably Aren’t)

The internet has been a big source of rumor and intrigue since its inception. Some rumors from before the onset of the World Wide Web have gained steam online as well, especially when it comes to famous rock stars from decades past. Sometimes, those rumors prove to be true. But most of the time, they’re just too insane to ever be based in reality. We’ll leave the probability of the following four crazy internet rumors about rock stars up to you. At the very least, they’re entertaining, even if they’re totally false.

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1. Elvis Is Still Alive

When it comes to crazy internet rumors about rock stars, the rumor that Elvis Presley is still alive should be at the top. This rumor started circulating after Presley’s death in 1977, and it continued to be a widespread rumor online in the 1990s. Those who believe Presley is still alive are even known as Alivers.

So is there some fire behind this smoke? Not really. Alivers have claimed that cardiac arrhythmia can’t be diagnosed during an autopsy and that certain photos taken at certain angles prove that Presley’s body in the casket was made of wax. But even if Presley did indeed fake his own death, he’d be pushing 90 by now. With all of the health issues he had while alive, it’s unlikely that Presley is still walking around today.

2. Paul Is Dead

The “Paul is dead” rumor references the belief that The Beatles’ Paul McCartney actually died in the mid-1960s and was replaced with a doppelganger. The reasoning behind the alleged cover-up is said to come from the band’s label (and fellow band members) not wanting to lose traction on their rise to money-making fame.

Obviously, the rumor isn’t true. Paul McCartney is still walking around today and touring across the globe. At one point, the rumor became so out of control that McCartney had to make a statement about it in a BBC interview. And when it comes down to it, The Beatles would probably have still been pretty famous even if McCartney did bite the dust in the 1960s, no doppelganger needed. When it comes to crazy rumors about rock stars, this one is one of the least possible.

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3. Bob Dylan Stole “Blowin’ In The Wind”

This internet rumor doesn’t involve fake deaths or doppelgangers, but it’s still pretty improbable and has since been disproven. 

Some believe that Bob Dylan didn’t actually write the breakthrough 1963 song “Blowin’ In The Wind”. A then-high-school student named Lorre Wyatt claimed in a school article that he actually composed the song and had the receipts to prove he performed it before Dylan released the song. 

However, Wyatt eventually admitted over a decade later that he made it all up. He alleged that he found the lyrics to the song in Broadside Magazine before Dylan officially released it. However, some netizens believe that Dylan threatened him, thus resulting in the “false” admission that Wyatt didn’t write the song.

4. Klaatu Was Actually The Beatles’ Secret Project

Canadian rockers Klaatu released their self-titled first album in the late 1970s. They were immediately compared to The Beatles. One magazine in 1977 took things a step further and theorized that Klaatu was actually the secret side project of The Beatles.

The album was released on The Beatles’ US label, the instrumentation and vibe were similar, and the album did not list any band members or songwriters on its vinyl release. The Beatles rumor played a hand in making the album famous, too. It managed to hit the Top 40 chart. 

Unfortunately, once the names of the band members were revealed (spoiler: they were not The Beatles), the band lost a lot of popularity. They disbanded in 1981, but some fans online still believe that Klaatu were actually The Beatles.

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