Lainey Wilson Releases Dreamy Vintage Music Video for “Hang Tight Honey”

Lainey Wilson has released the music video for her second single, “Hang Tight Honey,” and it’s a retro-inspired feast for the eyes. The song is about missing someone special while on the road, playing shows and making money to eventually come back home to them, and it has a vintage essence in its tone and musicality.

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Wilson has long been a proprietor of 70s funky-style country, and this music video doesn’t disappoint. It features Wilson in her signature bell bottoms, a retro tour bus, and a suitcase full of cash, along with an overall dream feeling. It’s a song about love, but it’s also about working hard and making your dreams come true with the support of someone who loves you.

A snippet of the video was posted to Lainey Wilson’s Instagram today, where she announced the release. She also gave fans a few words about her next single, “4x4xU,” which drops tomorrow.

“In more ways than one, ‘4x4xU’ is a continuation of my story and a direct follow-up to Hang Tight Honey. So we had to make a couple music videos to match,” she wrote, then announced that the music video for the new single will be out tomorrow as well.

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Lainey Wilson Teases Next Single, Releases Tracklist for New Album

In advance of the next single, Lainey Wilson dropped a sneak peek on her Instagram, revealing a bit of the chorus. The video showed her singing in the studio as she rehearsed the song. “Got a feeling this is the best one yet. You and yours are gonna love it,” Wilson captioned the video. “Send this to your driver or shotgun rider.”

The lyrics include, In a 4x4xU, babe / Bayou to Kentucky / City to the country / From here to Timbuktu / Boy after a long day / You know there ain’t no wrong way / To drive my crazy crazy / In a 4x4xU.

Wilson is all about dropping bombshells about her new album, Whirlwind, lately, as the day before that, she released the tracklist. The album includes songs like “Keep Up With Jones,” “Good Horses” which features Miranda Lambert, “Broken Hearts Still Beat,” “Call A Cowboy,” “Bar in Baton Rouge,” “Counting Chickens,” “Ring Finger,” “Middle of It,” “Devil Don’t Go There,” and “Whiskey Colored Crayon,” as well as the title track. It will of course also include the three singles, and drops on August 23.

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