4 of the Most Underrated Pop Punk Songs From the 2010s

The early 2000s may have been the golden era of pop punk, but we can’t forget about some unforgettable releases in the 2010s. Check out four of the most underrated pop punk songs from the 2010s!

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Blink-182 had slowed down quite a bit when the 2010s arrived. We’re glad they didn’t disband entirely. The 2011 album Neighborhoods was their first album in a whopping eight years, and it didn’t disappoint their long-standing fans. “Up All Night” was the first single from the album. The song effectively resurrected one of the most beloved pop punk acts of all time.

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2. “I’ve Given Up On You” by Real Friends

Real Friends was ahead of the pop punk game in the 2010s with their 2013 EP Put Yourself Back Together. “I’ve Given Up On You” was the breakthrough hit from that album, and it still deserves some love. Anyone who has ever been a young, dumb, heartbroken teenager will definitely vibe with it.

3. “All Signs Point To Lauderdale” by A Day To Remember

During an era when other genres (particularly country-pop) delivered nostalgic odes to their hometowns, A Day To Remember decided to release a track about hating their hometown. “All Signs Point To Lauderdale” is a true pop punk anthem for those of us who left their hometowns and never looked back.

4. “Quicksand” by The Story So Far

This wouldn’t be a list of underrated pop punk songs from the 2010s without at least mentioning The Story So Far. This pop punk outfit’s debut 2011 album featured the single “Quicksand”, and this angsty song has stood the test of time. The whole album is honestly worth a listen if you missed it back in the day.

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