4th Place | “The Opener”

4th Place
“The Opener”
Written by Dallas Jones
Springfield, Missouri
Doors open at 8 and you play at 9
Let me make myself clear
Don’t bring too much gear
And be finished on time

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Better play ‘til 9:30 maybe 9:45
But if you play ‘til 10
You never will play again
In this dirty old dive

Cause you won’t make much money
But you get drinks for free
And you might meet a girl, so just give it a whirl
And say, “Will you dance with me?”
Most people won’t listen
You’re the opening band
But by the time you are through, you might’ve broke through
And made a few fans

No one pays attention except a few in the back
And when they ask for your name
You’re not used to this fame
It’s your first autograph

CDs are $10, maybe two for $15
Yeah I’ll cut you a deal
Cause I just want to feel
Some meaning to this thing



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