5 Great Taylor Swift Songs About Revenge

Taylor Swift has many songs that are the perfect sonic pairing for a vengeful spirit. From harsh breakups to celebrity beef, Swift isn’t afraid to say it: She wants to get even. Find five of her best songs about revenge, below.

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1. “Look What You Made Me Do

In “Look What You Made Me Do” Swift references her public “cancellation.” In the months leading up to the release of Reputation, Swift was less than beloved. Instead of shunning away and licking her wounds, she decides to fight back with this tune.

2. “Better Than Revenge

Naturally, we had to include “Better Than Revenge”–it’s in the name. Swift never shies away from hitting her exes where it hurts, but there are few that are as seething as this one. This track is perhaps the closest Swift will ever get to being a punk rocker and we thoroughly enjoy her vengeful enthusiasm here.

3. “no body, no crime

Swift crafts a theoretical revenge plot in “no body, no crime.” One of the best murder ballads of the last few years, this evermore cut remains one of our favorite moments of unbridled creativity from Swift.

4. “Karma

In “Karma,” Swift lets the universe enact her revenge for her. Instead of orchestrating some grand plan to get even, she seeks comfort in the fact that her enemies will eventually “get there’s.” On top of being one of Swift’s most enjoyable anthems to date, we admire the assurance in her own cosmic scales.

5. “Vigilante Shit

Last but not least, we have “Vigilante Shit.” While many of the songs on this list hide the vindictive vibes as much as possible, this one approaches Swift’s need for revenge head-on.

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