5 Must-Hear Maren Morris Collaborations

Maren Morris has not been choosy when it comes to collaborations. The singer-songwriter has joined musical forces with a wide array of artists. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Zedd has tacked on a Morris feature to one of their songs.

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Though she has many to choose from, check out five of her best collaborations, below.

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1. “You All Over Me” (with Taylor Swift)

Being included on a “Vault Track” on one of Taylor Swift’s re-recorded albums is a coveted spot to be in. Morris secured that spot on Swift’s Fearless redux in 2021. Their collaborative track, “You All Over Me”, is typical Swift lovelorn fodder. The pair sing about lingering heartbreak in gorgeous two-part harmony.

2. “The Bones” (with Hozier)

“The Bones” is one of Morris’ most famed collaborations—and for good reason. When listening to this track, it’s clear that her and Hozier’s vocals are a perfect match. On top of the timeless advice about finding a good foundation in a relationship, the vocal delivery from both artists is bar none.

3. “Way Too Pretty for Prison” (with Miranda Lambert)

The tongue-in-cheek “Way Too Pretty for Prison” is hedonistically fun. Morris and Miranda Lambert muse about killing their cheating boyfriends. The only things that keep them from pulling the trigger are the unfashionable jumpsuits, lack of wine, and sharing a sink with 15 other girls.

4. “Seeing Blind” (with Niall Horan)

Former One Direction star Niall Horan tapped Morris for “Seeing Blind” on his debut solo album, Flicker. Horan’s smooth vocals are bolstered by Morris’ rich harmonies. The collaboration furthered Horan’s stake in the singer-songwriter/country community. His solo sound is heavily influenced by both of those worlds.

5. “The Middle” (with Zedd)

Morris’ collaboration with Zedd on “The Middle” was name-making for Morris. It expanded her reach outside of the country community. Given that Morris has recently decided to capitalize on her foundation in the pop world (given to her by this song) by leaving country music, this collaboration was an integral stop-off in her career.

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