5 Songs You Didn’t Know Eddie Murphy Wrote

In the 1980s and 1990s, Eddie Murphy was the biggest star in the business. From Saturday Night Live to standup specials like Raw to acting in movies like Coming to America, there was no one more charming and more drawing than Murphy.

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While the performer has many adoring fans still today, even decades after his comet-like rocket to stardom, many of them don’t know that Murphy released several albums over a 10-year period during his career, working with the likes of Rick James and Michael Jackson.

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Below, we will dive into songs from Murphy’s three musical albums. Indeed, these are five songs you likely didn’t know that Eddie Murphy wrote.

1. “C-O-N Confused”

Written by Eddie Murphy

The second track on Eddie Murphy’s debut musical album, How Could It Be, which the artist released in 1985, “C-O-N Confused” is bright, pleasant, and very 1980s. The debut record also included perhaps Murphy’s biggest track, “Party All Time,” which featured and was written by Rick James. As far as “C-O-N Confused,” the song, written exclusively by Murphy, showcases the brash comedian in a more vulnerable state, singing about confusion in falsetto.

People come and people go
But there’s one thing I surely know
It’s everyone is so confused

They wash your mind so you don’t know
And give you bread for passing go
You play the game you just can’t lose

And it’s a shame we don’t know
We’re gonna keep passing go
And we’re all so
C-O-N confused

2. “How Could It Be”

Written by Frank Hamilton, Rick James, Eddie Murphy

The song that comes after “C-O-N Confused” on the 1985 debut LP, “How Could It Be,” is more melancholy than the song prior. Written by Murphy, along with Rick James and Frank Hamilton, Murphy croons on the song, full-throated and not falsetto. It’s a thoughtful, heartfelt love song.

Someone told me they saw you girl
With another man
It’s breaking my heart
I thought baby our love was strong
And we’ll never ever part
How could love end this way

Ooh…how could it be
That you don’t love me
How could it be
That you don’t love me anymore
How could it be

3. “Put Your Mouth on Me”

Written by Jeffrey Cohen, Eddie Murphy, Narada Michael Walden

Four years after How Could It Be, Murphy released his sophomore album, So Happy. The album is a bit more comedic and includes lude lyrics about sex and promiscuity. As evidenced by the seemingly Prince-inspired opening track on the LP, “Put Your Mouth on Me.”

I said oh sweet baby lips are for kissing
I’m going crazy thinking what I’m missing, oh babe
Right about now, yeah
I sit down closer just flesh and eat now
Your smile’s electric, your lips look sweet enough to eat

Oh baby, just put your mouth on me

4. “Till the Money’s Gone”

Written by Skyler Jett, Eddie Murphy, Narada Michael Walden

The second track on Murphy’s sophomore album, “Till the Money’s Gone” includes a spoken-word intro in which Murphy complains about his partner spending all his money. Again, the production includes some Prince-inspired percussion and Murphy sings in his sensual, enticing falsetto. On this track, Murphy talks about spending dollar after dollar as he tries to impress a hard-to-sway object of his affection.

My bank account is crazy
I think you know it’s true
I’ve put away a coin or two
A mansion on the east coast
And on the west one too, yeah
So baby, what you wanna do
Girl, what could I do? (Huh!)
I’d spend my all on you, yeah, ah, c’mon
Girl, what should I do? (Huh!)
To get my hands on you, yeah, yeah, yeah

5. “Whatzupwitu (featuring Michael Jackson)”

Written by Eddie Murphy, Trenten Gumbs

Speaking of Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy teamed up with the King of Pop on “Whatzupwitu” from his third studio LP, the 1993 offering, Love’s Alright. Jackson features in the song’s vocal performance and its music video. This up-tempo R&B song includes positive lyrics about the world, saying that it will last well past man.

The sun is gonna shine
The flowers gonna grow
The clouds will sprinkle showers
The river’s gonna flow

Man ain’t got the power
To kill nothing but himself
Man is a creation
Man is nothing else

Whatzup, whatzup, whatzupwitu
Whatzup, whatzupwitu (whatzupwitu)
Whatzup, whatzup, whatzupwitu
Whatzup, whatzupwitu

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