5 Things To Know About Alex Hall

Alex Hall shared his debut album, Side Effects Of The Heart on Friday (September 15). The Georgia native reflects on the “ups and downs” of life across the record’s 10 tracks. “It’s a journey of my life story and stories from others I’ve picked up along the way,” Hall said in a statement.

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“Leading with my heart first, the ups and downs of love and loss, and the transitions between being single, getting married, and having my first child is all woven into the fabric of this record,” he continued. “I’m looking forward to the world getting to hear it!”

Hall previewed the album with three tracks: “Women And Horses” featuring Brandy Clark, “I Know a Guy,” and the title track. The three songs showcase his discerning lyricism and knack for guitar picking. Now, with the rest of the album out, it seems those skills are a strong throughline throughout the whole project.

To help punctuate the release of Side Effects Of The Heart, we’ve laid out five things you need to know about the singer-songwriter, below.

1. He grew up barrel racing

Hall was a champion barrel racer while growing up in Georgia. He traveled every weekend to
rodeos across the southeast—winning belt buckles and saddles alongside his sister and mom who also competed.

2. He dropped out of high school (to later return)

Hall dropped out of high school to pursue music full-time. However, a few teachers who were
impactful on his pursuit of music showed him how important the foundation of an education is, and convinced him to come back to school—on one condition. Alex made a deal with his guidance counselor that allowed him 60 absences in exchange for maintaining a passing GPA so he could continue touring. He hit the road playing over 125 dates a year all over the southeast while completing his high school curriculum.

3. He is a gearhead

Hall geeks out over his gear. He’s a big Fender guy and is obsessed with his Fender ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb and 1966 Fender Bassman amps. He knows how the gear is wired, when it was manufactured; and the list goes on. Fender actually added Hall to their Fender Next 2021 program.

4. His musical influences are Elvis Presley and Kris Kristofferson

Hall credits Elvis for his passion for music. At four years old, his fascination
with Elvis sparked his dream of becoming a musician, which his parents nurtured by purchasing
his first guitar. Hall has always had great respect for the heroes that paved the way. Kris
Kristofferson’s songwriting has inspired Hall’s lyricism, and he was even Hall’s very first
concert ever. He saw him at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

5. He is a lover of all things vintage

From vintage shops, to film photography, to vintage guitars and watches; Hall loves to keep it
classic. He only performs in thrift apparel, and he always carries a ‘70s Pentax film camera
around with him. He makes a point to scout out vintage shops in new cities while touring. A note
to him being into his gear—a lot of that is vintage as well (his main guitar is a Fender American
Original ’70s tele).

Photo by Dustin Haney / Courtesy of EBM

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