7 Ways to Support Ukraine Through Music

In the midst of the ongoing war in Ukraine, artists and labels are offering music and merchandise to help aid humanitarian and other needs within the country.

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Here are a number of ways to continue to support the relief efforts and people of Ukraine through music:

Pussy Riot NFTs
The female Russian activists and artists Pussy Riot launched their Ukraine DAO NFT program to support Ukraine. The group’s crypto fundraiser raised nearly $3 million for Ukraine in less than 24 hours and has reached nearly $7 million as of press time. The NFTs include 10,000 Ukrainian flag NFTs minuted on the Ethereum blockchain and all proceeds will benefit the Come Back Alive and the NGO Proliska. Additionally, a unique NFT, also of the Ukrainian flag, will be released to allow larger contributors to assist. 

Find out more about the Pussy Riot NFT at Ukraine DAO, or donate directly to Proliska and Come Back Alive.
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Pussy Riot founder Nadya Tolokonnikova (Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty)

Jinjer T-Shirts
In partnership with their label Napalm Records, Ukrainian metal band Jinjer have released two new T-Shirt designs—featuring the slogans “We Want Our Home Back” and “Peace to Ukraine”—to raise funds for various charities throughout Ukraine to help with medical and food supplies, water and more. Through the sale of the T-shirts, 100 percent of the proceeds will be given directly to charitable organizations of the band’s choosing.

Go to the Jinjer Merchandise page to purchase Ukraine T-Shirts.
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The Coathangers, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead Cover Pussy Riot
American female punk band The Coathangers and members of …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead’s cover of Pussy Riot’s “Putin Lights Up the Fires” is up for sale to benefit the CARE Ukraine Crisis Fund. Originally released Nov. 5, 2012, by Pussy Riot, the cover, featuring members of …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead along with The Coathangers, is translated in English. “As a refugee from Belarus with family ties in Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia the current crisis hits deep,” said the Coathangers’ Julia Kugel in a statement. “Grateful for Pussy Riot. Grateful to the superheroes of Ukraine and inspired by their courage to do the right thing. We need each other.”

Purchase the single here.

‘Carpathia’ Film Score
All proceeds from the sales of Chuck Johnson’s film score Carpathia, which was originally composed in 2020 for the documentary film The Castle on Red Mountain, set in the foothills of North Carolina, will directly support Doctors Without Borders, who are mobilizing to assist the war-wounded in Ukraine.

Buy the music of Carpathia here.

Urvakan Compilation
Just a day before the invasion of Ukraine by Russia the Urvakan festival, which takes place annually in Yerevan, Armenia, released A Collective Memoir, a compilation of music featuring artists from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, and Georgia. All proceeds from the sale of the compilation, via Bandcamp, will be split equally between a humanitarian organization in Ukraine and the cultural organization in Artsakh, which works with children of war.

Go here to find out more and purchase the compilation.

‘A Collective Memoir’ cover art

Dark Entries Records Test Pressings
U.S. label Dark Entries is donating 100 percent of all sales of label test pressings to the Kharkiv-based organization, Sphere, which supports “women of the region regardless of age, marital status, origin, sexual orientation, religious, political and other beliefs.”

See the Dark Entries test pressings up for sale here.

Finnish Music Compilation
We Jazz Records, based in Helsinki, released a 25-song benefit Music for Ukraine, with proceeds going to multiple organizations supporting Ukraine.

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