A Mother’s Day Song, Fernando Perdomo’s “The World’s Greatest Mother.”

The producer-songwriter-studio cat shares his holiday homage to a ‘true American dream,’ Araceli Perdomo

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Fernando Perdomo is well-known as a great producer, session player, and live multi-instrumentalist. He’s featured in the band in Andy Slater’s Echo In The Canyon.

But as his fans know well, he’s also a brilliant singer-songwriter, one of those guys who keeps creating ambitiously inspired, ingenious, tuneful songs, always glowing with his big-hearted love of music. He’s also great at his inspired production of his own music, on which like a hybrid of McCartney and Prince, he plays all the instruments. And really well.

So when we heard he wrote a song for his mother, we assumed it would be great and perfect for today, Mother’s Day 2020. And we were right. (Once again).

It’s called “The World’s Greatest Mother,” and has that distinctive Perdomo blend of cool melody, great and unpredictable changes, and a sonic landscape that is unique and delightful. All of which means we are happy to share this song, and the story behind the song about her, today for Mother’s Day.

Here’s Fernando on “The World’s Greatest Mother,” aka his mom, Araceli Perdomo.

FERNANDO PERDOMO: Today is Mother’s Day. Huge hug to all the ones who can’t hug their mom today.

I lost my mom in 2011 after her long battle with cancer. I miss her every day.

I wrote and recorded this song about her, “The World’s Greatest Mother.”

Fernando & Araceli Perdomo. “Her smile really could light up a room.”

This song is truly from the heart. She was at every show. She was my biggest fan. Her smile really could light up the room.

She was one of the founders of El Nuevo Herald, which is the Spanish Miami Herald. She was a true American dream immigrant success story. In 2005 she had a mini- stroke that uncovered her cancer. She fought hard for six years. We lost her in 2011, which actually led me to move to Los Angeles.

I had the piano part for her song lying around for years. Then one day these lyrics just flowed! Its all true.

Fernando’s mom busy selling his merch.

Here are the lyrics.

“The World’s Greatest Mother”
Words & Music by Fernando Perdomo

I am the son of the world’s greatest mother
She raised me well
I’m making her proud
She’s alive in my dreams
We hang out in heaven
But where did she go?
I wake up alone

For thirty long years she worked the paper
She’d come home tired, my dad was the cook
I’d play her my songs
She was the patron of music
But where did she go?

There she is

She’s at every show
She’s in the front row
Her smile lights the stage
So everybody can see
The son of the world’s greatest mother play!

I am the son
Of the worlds greatest mother

Written, performed and produced by Fernando Perdomo
All instruments played by Fernando Perdomo
Recorded at Reseda Ranch Studios
Remixed and remastered by Zach Ziskin

Fernando Perdomo, as those in the know already know well, is a record producer/multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter who lives and breathes music. Dubbed “the millennial answer to Todd Rundgren” by another publication, he’s a music veteran at 39. Featured in the acclaimed film Echo In The Canyon, performing with Jakob Dylan, Beck, Brian Wilson and more, he’s known for crossing many genres and being great in each, from Progressive Rock and Power Pop through Classical and Yacht Rock Records. Presently he’s putting the finishing touches on a new album, the first under his alias Leo August, due out sometime soon.

For more Fernando Perdomo info, kindly go to fernandoperdomo.com
and/or fernandoperdomo.bandcamp.com

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