‘American Idol’ Fans Afraid Emmy Russell is “Going Home” After Latest Performance

American Idol hopeful Emmy Russell has spent much of season 22 as a fan favorite. The granddaughter of the late country legend Loretta Lynn has won over viewers with deeply personal original numbers like “Skinny.” However, American Idol is a week-by-week competition — which means just one “off” performance could sink a contestant’s dreams at any time. And Sunday’s (April 21) episode has some Russell fans fearing for her Idol future.

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Fans Are Afraid Emmy Russell Won’t See the Top 12 on ‘American Idol’

Russell made her bid for the top 12 with a rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” The judges praised her performance. Luke Bryan even claimed to have “full body chills.” But some social media comments indicated viewers weren’t feeling it.

”Emmy was very off tune, a viewer stated on X/Twitter. “I’m afraid she’ll be going home tomorrow.

“Emmy is cute, and I hope she does well in country music, but that was not her best performance,” one fan wrote on X/Twitter.

Another viewer chimed in: “Judges must be hearing something that I’m not when it comes to Emmy tonight.”

“Not Emmy’s best,” one viewer wrote. “Bit pitchy.”

Some Fans Still Standing Firmly Behind Emmy Russell

However, fan support has helped Russell get this far. And the singer-songwriter still had her fair share of social media defenders. “don’t take any negative comments on social media to heart,” one fan wrote. “They’re written by people who have neither the talent or guts to do what you are doing.”

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Another X/Twitter user added, “Whoever is telling Emmy Russell to stick to songwriting can kick rocks. This girls voice is amazing.”

Viewers will have to tune in Monday (April 22) to see if Russell survives. Two contestants will be eliminated, leaving only the top 12 standing.

While seeing her dream end would surely be devastating, Russell is already steeling herself against the disappointment. The “Skinny” singer told People she was “preparing for the no” during the top 14.

“I was back there and I was just thinking, ‘So many good people have gone home,'” Russell said. “So I was like, ‘Well, if that person went home, and I surely might go home.'”

Ultimately, Russell ended up advancing to the top 14. And regardless of whether she takes home the season 22 crown, the artist likely won’t be giving up music any time soon.

“This American Idol experience has solidified, ‘Oh no, I want to do this for the rest of my life,'” she told People.

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