‘American Idol’ Viewers React After Finalist Forgets Words To Shania Twain Song

American Idol viewers have experienced some serious talent with this latest crop of hopefuls. Tonight’s (April 28) episode saw the top 10 vying for their spot in the next round. The theme this week was “Year of Birth,” during which the contestants sang hits from the year they were born. However, one finalist has the internet chiming in after seemingly fumbling the words to her song.

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Mia Matthews Earns a Standing Ovation Despite Some Hiccups on ‘American Idol’

Mia Matthews auditioned for American Idol alongside younger sister Jacy. While Jacy was eliminated during Hollywood Week, Mia has consistently impressed both viewers and judges.

The 19-year-old Alabama native was under some pressure during Sunday’s (April 28) episode. Not only did she open the show, she did so with guest mentor Shania Twain’s own song. Many social media users pointed out that Mia seemed to blank on the words at certain points during her performance of “No One Needs to Know.” Despite the speed bump, she still earned a standing ovation from the judges.

“Looks like there may have been a hiccup, but she handled it like a Pro,” one user wrote on X/Twitter. “This was cute, awkward, some awry notes, Very endearing.”

Other viewers were less charitable. “Mia did not deserve a standing ovation,” one fan wrote on X/Twitter. “Not trying to be mean. They are being exceptionally soft this year.”

Judge Luke Bryan praised Mia’s performance, saying it gave him “Kelsea Ballerini vibes.” However, he later followed that sentiment with, “And I know you may have forgotten the words a couple of times but–“

The “Play It Again” singer was promptly interrupted by fellow judge Katy Perry. “Nobody needed to know that!” the “Dark Horse” singer exclaimed. “She was acting so well. You blew her spot up!”

Perry added, “I mean, besides every Shania fan in the world, no one knows!”

“Well, I know all the words of Shania,” Bryan replied smugly.

Many fans agreed with Bryan’s decision to publicly address the blunder. “Mia Matthews totally butchered that song,” one viewer wrote on X/Twitter. “Judges need to be honest with their critiques!”

Mia decided to ditch her trademark guitar for this episode, and judge Lionel Richie noticed a difference. “I caught you thinking on that song,” the “All Night Long” singer said. “The reason for it is, you didn’t have your props. You didn’t have the things that made you comfortable.”

“But it’s okay,” he added. “What you’re doing is growing, and there’s going to be some awkward moments.”

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