Amy Speace: Lands Like A Bird In Nashville

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Amy Speace left New York for Nashville, grieving. Music City seems to have resulted in a slower, more deliberate pace on songs like the ultra-slow-burner “Real Love Song.” On Land Like A Bird, lazy piano hits ring out, Kim Richey sings on several songs, and pedal steel sometimes adorns Speace’s lethargic and plaintive Sunday-afternoon-stroll vocals. Production work comes courtesy of Neilson Hubbard, who also plays a slew of instruments and sings a rougher-edged counterpart to Speace’s voice on some tracks. Where Speace’s past work has had a little more of a country-rock feel, songs like album opener “Drive All Night” are a sort of update to Tracy Chapman’s adult-contemporary sound. But on “Half Asleep & Wide Awake,” Kris Donegan teases a growly blues lick in the song’s opening measure, then takes control during an instrumental break. Ultimately, the marriage of sharp production and clever songwriting are what make Speace’s Land Like A Bird a winning third record. Maybe Nashville isn’t so bad after all.

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