Baby Got Flack: Sir Mix-A-Lot Ad Provokes Mixed Feelings

One-hit wonder Sir Mix-A-Lot is back in the spotlight for a rather animated remake of his classic homage to round rumps. Mr. Mix leant his vocal stylings to a new Burger King commercial, touting the chain’s SpongeBob SquarePants-themed kids meal toys. The rapper altered the lyrics of his hit “Baby Got Back” to fit the Nickelodeon cartoon theme, chanting “I like square butts” as dancers in brown Daisy Dukes shake their angularly-enhanced posteriors for the camera. Mix-A-Lot himself makes a clever cameo at the ad’s end, deadpanning, “Booty is booty.”

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While Mix did an impressive job in creating a clever rewrite, name-dropping characters from the Nick series and lauding behinds that look like they have “phonebook implants,” his audience is divided in their appreciation of the spot. Some parents of the cartoon’s target audience find the advertisement too racy to be promoting fast food fare for children. The San Fransisco Chronicle reports that a couple thousand members of the “Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood” are criticizing both the restaurant chain and the television station. Susan Linn, director of the organization, asserts that “Parents deserve to know whether Nickelodeon — the most popular children’s television network — signed off on the use of SpongeBob in a commercial that celebrates lechery and objectifies women.”

The thirty-second clip is available online for you to make up your own mind:

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