Boys Club For Girls Give First Look at “Bad Luck Baby”

The emerging alt-rock-girl-country duo, Boys Club For Girls, shares an exclusive first look at the lyric video for their latest release, “Bad Luck Baby.” While many seek solo careers, Amie Miriello and Vanessa Olivarez have ventured into a soundscape that is only attainable through their symphonious harmonies. The song is their fourth single release in anticipation of a debut album, scheduled to drop this fall. 

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“Like many of our songs, Vanessa came with the title and concept. I came with the melody and music,” Amie explained of the production. “Once we got together to finish the lyrics, we were finishing each other’s sentences. The song virtually wrote itself.”

“Bad Luck Baby” unfolds as a self-deprecating love song. Harsh, potentially unjust comparisons place the subject on a pedestal. The lyrics itemize all of the flaws that culminate to suggest a sense of unworthiness. “I say it’s my fault / You say it’s impossible / Maybe I would be better off alone / I’ll just let you down babe / Cause I’m not what you want,” they sing with fluidity. These sorrow-tinged lyrics serve as an evocative portrayal of perceived inadequacy. 

The lyric video employs sorcery and superstition to support the delivery of the narrative. The metaphors illustrate atmospheric apprehension that brings the fitness of the described romance into question. 

“An artist friend of mine in Nashville named Stephanie Lambring released this incredibly unique lyric video that we just fell in love with,” recalled Amie. “So we tracked down the gal who did it – Iris Dutour. We knew she was the right person to create the simple yet mysterious aesthetic we were aiming for, and we were right. It’s perfect.”

The two best friends have combined their respective pop and country backgrounds to create a sonic anomaly. They credit this chemistry to their experience as background vocalists. Amie has supported Courtney Love, Jessica Simpson, and Katy Perry and Vanessa for Tanya Tucker, Kristian Bush, and Zac Brown Band. 

Beyond vocalist, the two are multi-talented songwriters. Vanessa has cuts from Sugarland, Wanda Jackson, Billy Currington, and Angaleena Presley. Amie’s sync work has landed with Chase Bank, JC Penny, Smile Direct Club, One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights, America’s Next Top Model, So You Think You Can Dance, The Hills, and The City. Dabbling in the literary world, Vanessa is also a soon-to-be-published author of The Hidden History of Music Row (out in August 2020) and Lost Music Row (currently in production). 

This single follows their early 2020 release of “Romance Is Dead.” Amie and Vanessa are headed back into the studio in July with their friend and producer, Tim Craven, to complete their debut full-length album for a late 2020 release. The collection will include their four currently released songs plus six or seven new tracks. They have recorded all of their Boys Club For Girls work at Blackbird with Craven’s production expertise and assistance from student engineers at Blackbird Academy. The setup is similar to Jim Lauderdale’s and how he recorded his album Time Flies

Boys Club For Girls was a brand new concept the night Mike Grimes (Grimey’ s/Basement) saw them play at The Basement. It was an immediate attraction. Excited and adamant about helping them, Mike hooked them up with a studio session at Blackbird. After a successful first session, they continue to work with Craven at Blackbird, assisted by the students.  

“These times are so crazy it is really hard to think of self-promotion or saying “look at me” in any way shape or form,” Amie shared in regards to releasing music amidst protests and a pandemic. 

“We needed to take a breath and pay respect to the socio-political issues that weigh heavy on our hearts. But at the same time, we realize that music heals. It’s one of the many ways we feel we can give back to our community. We know right now that releasing our music isn’t at the forefront of what’s important in the current climate, but we hope it can bring comfort and peace to our listeners, as we all try to navigate these trying times.”

Watch the exclusive video premiere for “Bad Luck Baby” below. Look out for Boys Club For Girls’ debut, full-length album this fall. 

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