Beck’s One Foot In The Grave Reissue: A Deeper Look

When we reported on Beck’s plans to reissue 1994’s One Foot in the Grave on April 14, we didn’t have a confirmed tracklist. Well, the future has arrived, and the tracklist is below. The album will be reissued on Beck’s own label, Iliad.

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Also, we forgot to mention that none other than Johnny Cash and Tom Petty were/are big fans of this album. Petty covered “Asshole” for 1996’s She’s The One soundtrack, and Cash lent his trademark pipes to “Rowboat” on 2002’s Unchained. Audio evidence of Cash taking the song to its logical conclusion is below.

One Foot In The Grave:

01 “He’s A Mighty Good Leader”
02 “Sleeping Bag”
03 “I Get Lonesome”
04 “Burnt Orange Peel”
05 “Cyanide Breath Mint”
06 “See Water”
07 “Ziplock Bag”
08 “Hollow Log”
09 “Forcefield”
10 “Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods”
11 “Asshole”
12 “I’ve Seen The Land Beyond”
13 “Outcome”
14 “Girl Dreams”
15 “Painted Eyelids”
16 “Atmospheric Conditions”


17 “It’s All In Your Mind” (K Records 7″)
18 “Whiskey Can Can” (K Records 7″)
19 “Mattress”*
20 “Woe On Me”*
21 “Teenage Wastebasket”*
22 “Your Love Is Weird”*
23 “Favorite Nerve”*
24 “Piss On The Door”*
25 “Close To God”*
26 “Sweet Satan”*
27 “Burning Boyfriend”*
28 “Black Lake Morning”*
29 “Feather In Your Cap” (K Records 7″)
30 “One Foot In the Grave”*
31 “Teenage Wastebasket”*
32 “I Get Lonesome”*

* never before released


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  1. “Rowboat” appears on the earlier and even more obscure Stereopathetic Soulmanure.

    And I wouldn’t assume Cash was a fan of either album. I’m pretty sure Rick Rubin introduced “Rowboat” to him.

    I have no idea about Petty.

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