8 Best Taylor Guitars of 2024

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Taylor acoustic guitars are renowned in the industry for their sweet tones, fantastic playability, and superior build quality. But with so many models and variations on the market, it can be hard to know which one is the best choice for you.

Upgrading to a Taylor guitar is always a good idea. You'll enjoy playing your guitar even more, getting longer practice sessions, and increasing your skills - these things also sound beautiful.

If you're struggling to settle on one Taylor guitar, you've come to the right place. This guide is going to share a range of the best Taylor guitars on the market today, and give you some tips to help you pick the best model for your needs.

One of our favorite models is the Taylor 214ce, which is often a winner in Taylor acoustic guitar reviews. It's a strong choice because of its exceptional playability and tone, also coming in at a competitive price.

If you have the money, the Taylor 814ce Builder's Edition is arguably one of the best in the Taylor range - but it's also one of the priciest!

Keep reading to discover the best Taylor acoustic guitars for a range of budgets!

Quick Summary of the Best Taylor Guitars

  1. Taylor 814ce Builder's Edition (Unbeatable)
  2. Taylor 214ce (Excellent All-Rounder)
  3. Taylor Baby Taylor BT1 (Best for Traveling)
  4. Taylor GS Mini (Big Baby)
  5. Taylor 114ce Acoustic-electric (Reliable Workhorse)
  6. Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Acoustic-electric (Deluxe Mini)
  7. Taylor 214ce-K SB (Retro Chic)
  8. Taylor 224ce-K DLX (Dark and Classy)

Best Taylor Guitars

If you love Taylor acoustic guitars, the following 8 instruments will definitely get your mouth watering. We included guitars at a range of budgets and styles to make sure any guitar players reading this can find one, no matter the size of their wallet. Check out Taylor's acoustic electric guitars, too.

1. Unbeatable – Taylor 814ce Builder's Edition

Taylor 814ce Builder's Edition


  • Body Shape: Grand Auditorium
  • Electronics: ES2 pickup system
  • Wood Used: Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides
  • Fingerboard: Ebony, 20 frets

If you're looking for a Taylor guitar that is truly the embodiment of elegance and sonic excellence, the 814ce Builder's Edition is a prime cut. Taylor's Builder's Edition guitars are at the peak of their creative and technical design.

The tonewoods and construction of this guitar are unmatched. It features a solid Sitka Spruce top and Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides to deliver a tone that's rich, warm, and incredibly nuanced.

You can expect exceptional sustain and projection thanks to the V-Class internal bracing, meaning that this guitar sings loud and clear in any space.

Sure, it's loud when unplugged, but this guitar is fitted with Taylor's Expression System 2 Pickup System. This faithfully captures its acoustic voice, making it a stellar choice for live performances and studio recordings - giving you the versatility of an electric guitar signal.

The pickup offers excellent quality and functionality all around, as is somewhat of a marvel itself. It can reproduce the guitar's acoustic nuances with remarkable accuracy, whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio.

This level of precision and fidelity is invaluable for professional musicians who want to be able to capture the sound of their beautiful guitar with unmatched accuracy.

Every aspect of the 814ce Builder's Edition is meticulously crafted, from the smooth contours of the body to the exquisite fretwork. This attention to detail translates into an unparalleled playing experience and a next-level feel for any guitarist.

The guitar's neck is incredibly comfortable, allowing for effortless movement across the fretboard, making it a joy to play for extended periods. Thanks to the deep cutaway, you can easily reach the higher frets, meaning you'll have no trouble playing quick, high-pitched solos on this instrument.

You could say that the 814ce Builder's Edition is not just a guitar; it's a piece of art that reflects Taylor's dedication to craftsmanship. The premium materials used in its construction, combined with Taylor's innovative design techniques and manufacturing, create a truly stunning guitar that will stand the test of time. It has a voice that is worthy of platinum-selling records.

Sure, we understand that this guitar will be too expensive for most readers - but this is truly a masterpiece. The quality unquestionably justifies its high price, offering an exceptional playing experience and a sound that is nothing short of extraordinary.

2. Excellent All-Rounder – Taylor 214ce

Taylor 214ce


  • Body Shape: Grand Auditorium
  • Electronics: ES2 pickup system
  • Wood Used: Solid Sitka Spruce top, layered Rosewood back and sides
  • Fingerboard: West African Crelicam Ebony, 20 frets

If you're looking for a more affordable, but still exceptional high-quality Taylor guitar, then this is it.

This guitar is the epitome of Taylor's affordable craftsmanship and touches on the high-end professional quality without an eye-watering price tag.

These guitars are known to be reliable workhorses - they get the job done. You can expect a fantastic experience, with no irritating oversights or issues.

Firstly, the 214ce has a room-filling projection thanks to its full-sized grand auditorium body shape. This guitar also has a cutaway, making it easier for you to reach the higher-up frets when you want to do some soloing.

In terms of sonic characteristics, the 214ce offers a perfect balance of clarity, warmth, and projection. The wood choice produces a vibrant, resonant tone that works for a wide range of genres, from folk and blues to modern acoustic pop.

This particular model is also fitted with an ES2 pickup system, (which is used in Taylor's more expensive guitars too) so you can get a high-end amplified sound on stage or wherever else you need to get plugged in.

Its elegant design, exceptional playability, and affordability make it a favorite among semi-pro and pro guitarists. If you're looking for the perfect full-sized entry point into Taylor's premium acoustic range, this 214ce is the way to go.

3. Best for Traveling – Taylor Baby Taylor BT1

Taylor Baby Taylor BT1


  • Body Shape: Baby Taylor
  • Electronics: None
  • Wood Used: Walnut back and sides, Sitka Spruce top
  • Fingerboard: West African Crelicam Ebony, 20 frets

The Baby Taylor is a popular choice in the busking and traveling guitar community thanks to its small size and high quality. Not to mention the super affordable price. As far as 3/4-sized guitars go, this is one of the best.

Despite its smaller 3/4 size, the Baby Taylor BT1 delivers a surprisingly rich and warm tone and has a decent amount of volume. The small Baby Taylor guitar body shape is comfortable for both small and normal-sized guitarists. While many people in the guitar world find some necks to be too small on a 3/4, this has ample room.

Sure, it doesn't quite pack the same volume as full-sized guitars, but this is one of the nicest smaller models that we've seen - on the Taylor lineup or elsewhere!

These Taylor guitars sound great no matter what genre of acoustic music you are playing. If you're looking for a small but sweet Taylor guitar, this is one of the best choices.

(If you're a Taylor Swift fan - check out her signature Baby Taylor model!)

4. Big Baby – Taylor GS Mini

Taylor GS Mini


  • Body Shape: GS Mini
  • Electronics: None
  • Wood Used: Tropical Mahogany top, layered Sapele back and sides
  • Fingerboard: West African Crelicam Ebony, 21 frets

If the Baby Taylor is too small for you, but you still don't want a full-sized guitar, the Taylor GS Mini could be the best Taylor acoustic guitar for you. It's slightly larger than the Baby Taylor, but not quite full size, so it captures the best of both worlds.

The GS Mini delivers a warm, mellow tone courtesy of its tropical mahogany top. Its compact size doesn't compromise on sound quality, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced players looking for a portable, comfortable instrument.

It does lack electronics, and the smaller size might be uncomfortable for more complex playing - but if you want a smaller (but not baby) sized guitar - check it out.

5. Reliable Workhorse – Taylor 114ce Acoustic-electric

Taylor 114ce Acoustic-electric


  • Body Shape: Grand Auditorium
  • Electronics: Taylor Expression System 2
  • Wood Used: Solid Sitka Spruce top, layered Sapele back and sides
  • Fingerboard: West African Crelicam Ebony, 20 frets

This 114ce acoustic electric guitar is a versatile workhorse and is known to be a high-quality guitar in the lower end of the pro price range. It offers a balanced tonal spectrum with a strong midrange, making it suitable for various playing styles.

At this price, you wouldn't necessarily expect an acoustic guitar to be fitted with a pickup... But the 114ce comes with a built-in Expression System 2 pickup, making it an excellent choice for live performances.

You can easily plug this guitar into a PA system for gigs, or even into recording gear for a more efficient studio session. The ES2 electronic system offers fantastic quality and functionality and is used in most of their electric-acoustic guitars.

Overall, if you are looking for a humble, yet performant acoustic electric guitar - the 114ce is a reliable choice. It's not super expensive but still offers high quality that beats other guitars in the same price range.

6. Deluxe Mini – Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Acoustic-electric

Taylor GS Mini-e Koa Acoustic-electric Guitar


  • Body Shape: GS Mini
  • Electronics: ES-B pickup system
  • Wood Used: Koa top, layered Koa back and sides
  • Fingerboard: West African Crelicam Ebony, 20 frets

If you were interested in the GS Mini above, this stunner might tickle your guitar taste buds. It's a suped-up, deluxe version of the GS Mini, and is packed with some extra tasty features.

You really can't deny that this is a very attractive-looking guitar. With gorgeous natural Koa wood and no unnecessary decoration - we don't think we need to say much about the aesthetic of this guitar, it speaks for itself.

It features a stunning Koa top that not only catches the eye but also adds a unique warmth to its tone. Looks aside, this smaller guitar has a full and dynamic sound, that carries well considering its Mini body.

This model is fitted with an ES-B pickup system which features a handy built-in tuner and a three-band EQ for quickly shaping your tone. Like all the Taylor electronics, this offers brilliant, natural sound quality that makes this guitar suitable for a bedroom or the stage.

Its compact size, paired with the exquisite Koa construction, makes it a prized possession for any guitarist seeking both beauty and performance in a smaller package. If you're a natural wood finish fan and looking for a crystal clear-sounding, smaller electric acoustic guitar, you won't go wrong here.

7. Retro Chic – Taylor 214ce-K SB

Taylor 214ce-K SB


  • Body Shape: Grand Auditorium
  • Electronics: ES2 pickup system
  • Wood Used: Solid Sitka Spruce top, layered Koa back and sides
  • Fingerboard: West African Crelicam Ebony, 20 frets

This is a Koa variation of their popular 214ce model. It features all the same design principles and styling, just with a lush sunburst Koa finish. It's generally close to the standard model, with a balanced sound, clear articulation, and impressive sustain. Although, we would say it's a tad warmer than the natural 214ce thanks to the Koa.

Like the standard model, it features a loud and clear Grand Auditorium body style, the ES2 electronics, and all of Taylor's precise engineering and design quality. It's about $300 more than the original, but we think it looks about twice as cool!

8. Dark and Classy – Taylor 224ce-K DLX

Taylor 224ce-K DLX Acoustic-electric


  • Body Shape: Grand Auditorium
  • Electronics: ES2 pickup system
  • Wood Used: Solid Hawaiian Koa top, layered Koa back and sides
  • Fingerboard: West African Crelicam Ebony, 20 frets

If you're looking for a dark, mysterious, and delicious acoustic guitar, we highly recommend you look into the 224ce-K DLX, aka the 224ce Koa Deluxe.

As far as style goes, we'd be tempted to say this is the best-looking guitar on this list; thanks to the complete Koa build, gorgeous sunbursting, and striking gold tuning pegs.

Anyway, we guitarists know that looks aren't everything - fortunately, this guitar matches its style and sonics. The tone and playability are equally as stunning as the visuals. Thanks to the premium Koa wood, this guitar offers a tonal profile that's rich, warm, and incredibly detailed.

The guitar's comfortable playability is further enhanced by the smooth ebony fingerboard and a slim neck profile, allowing for effortless fretting and nimble fingerstyle techniques.

This guitar is certainly a dark horse - it's one of those hidden gems on the Taylor lineup that will make any owner incredibly happy.

Best Taylor Guitars Buyer's Guide

We understand - with so many guitars to choose from, it can become a bit of a headache picking one out. In truth, all of the above guitars are excellent, it's just a matter of finding one that matches your playing style and tastes.

This guide is here to help you out! For further information about acoustic guitars, check out our favorites here.

Body Shape

One of the first things to think about is body shape and size.

Taylor offers various body shapes, including Grand Auditorium, Grand Concert, Grand Symphony, and Dreadnought. Each shape has its unique tonal characteristics and comfort level. You might need to try these out in person to get a feel for what you like.

  • Dreadnought: A larger, fuller body with a strong low end and loud volume, suitable for various genres.
  • Concert/Grand Auditorium: Balanced and versatile, features a cutaway for high fretboard skills.
  • Parlor: Compact and lightweight, ideal for smaller hands and traveling.
  • Jumbo: Large body, produces a robust, loud sound.

Tonewood Selection

Taylor guitars use a variety of tonewoods for different parts of the guitar, such as spruce, mahogany, rosewood, and Koa. Each wood type contributes to the guitar's tone. Research the tonewoods and choose the combination that matches your desired tone types.

  • Top (Soundboard): Solid spruce provides a bright tone, while cedar offers warmth.
  • Back and Sides: Rosewood provides a balanced tone, mahogany offers warmth, and maple adds brightness.
  • Fretboard Material:
    • Rosewood: Offers a traditional feel and warm tone.
    • Ebony: Smooth texture and brightness, commonly found on high-end guitars.

Neck Profile and Width, Scale Length:

The profile and width of the neck have a large effect on how the guitar feels, affecting playability and comfort. This is a very personal taste, so test out as many guitars as you can.

  • Neck Shape: V-shaped necks provide a vintage feel more suited to chord playing, while C-shaped necks are more common and comfortable for most players.
  • Neck Width: Wider necks are better for fingerstyle, while narrower necks are suitable for faster playing and smaller hands.

Scale length affects how long the neck of a guitar is:

  • Longer scales offer more tension, suitable for alternate tunings and heavy strumming.
  • Shorter scales are more comfortable for bending strings and are preferred by some fingerstyle players


Another key choice is whether you want electronics in your guitar. These add extra cost but open up some extra doors in terms of amplification and recording. Not everybody will need them, so consider this:

When You Need Electronics:

  • Live Performances: Ensures your sound reaches the audience in large venues.
  • Recording: Provides a direct, controlled sound for studio sessions.
  • Band Settings: Helps your acoustic guitar cut through amplified instruments.
  • Versatility: Allows experimentation with effects and pedals.

When You Might Not Need Electronics:

  • Home Practice: Unplugged acoustic guitars work well for personal practice.
  • Intimate Venues: Good acoustics may negate the need for electronic amplification.
  • Budget Constraints: Without electronics, you can invest in a higher-quality acoustic guitar.
  • Traditional Sound: Some prefer the natural, unaltered acoustic tone of their guitar.

Extra Accessories

This is only a minor point, but some Taylor guitars come with extras like a hard case, humidifier, or strap. Consider these extras, especially if you're a beginner and need all the essentials.

Remember that the best guitar for you is the one that feels and sounds right when you play it. This is a very personal decision, so spend some time working out what suits you before you buy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best Taylor guitar?

One of Taylor's best all-around guitars is the Taylor 814ce. It's part of the Grand Auditorium series, offering a balanced tone, excellent projection, and versatility suitable for various playing styles. It is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it's worth the money for pros and advanced guitarists.

Taylor's Taylor 214ce is one of their most popular models. It's known for its affordability, great playability, and balanced sound. It's widely regarded as a reliable workhorse in the acoustic guitar scene and offers high quality at a reasonable price.

Which Taylor is easiest to play?

Taylor's Grand Concert body-shape guitars, like the Taylor 812ce or the Taylor 912ce, are known for their comfortable size and playability. The smaller body size makes them easier to handle, and they often have a more focused sound, making them suitable for fingerstyle players and those who prefer a more intimate playing experience.

If you have smaller hands, then something like the Baby Taylor or GS Mini might be more comfortable.

Which guitars are better Taylor or Martin?

Taylor and Martin are both highly respected guitar manufacturers, and each has its strengths.

  • Taylor Guitars: Known for their modern design, playability, and bright, clear tones. They often have a sleek neck and a more modern aesthetic. Taylor guitars are favored by many fingerstyle and contemporary acoustic players.
  • Martin Guitars: Known for their traditional designs, warm and rich tones, and a strong emphasis on craftsmanship. Martin guitars often have a slightly wider neck and a more classic appearance. They are popular among folk, country, and blues musicians.

Ultimately, the choice between Taylor and Martin depends on your personal preference and sonic tastes.


With all the above knowledge you'll have no problem finding the new Taylor guitar of your dreams. Just spend some time working out what features and feel you're looking for in your guitar.

Overall, the Taylor 214ce is a great place to start. This has a fantastic build quality, comes with electronics, and sounds and feels very sweet. No complaints can be had about the price either.

If you're looking for a more expensive investment, the Taylor 814ce Builder's Edition is undeniably close to perfection. It's pretty much as nice as you can get for a commercially available guitar! The only downside is the big price tag.

Thanks for checking out our list of the best Taylor guitars on the market. We're sure this list will guide you toward an amazing new acoustic guitar -- pick one up today! If you're looking for a more high-end guitar, look at our top choices here.

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