Billie Eilish Talks New Favorite Bands in Latest Vanity Fair Interview

Every year for the past six, Billie Eilish has conducted a video interview with Vanity Fair magazine. And in the 2022 installment, Eilish talks about her new favorite bands, trusting her gut, and her relationship with the Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford.

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Each video is like its own time capsule, with different hairstyles, themes, and fun moments in which Eilish looks back on her past self and offers critiques of what she was really thinking in hindsight. But in the end, she answers the same questions posed by the outlet and they offer a compare and contrast for Eilish at the various moments of her life.

In the 2022 video, Eilish talks about how she’s working on her next album, which will be the follow-up to the 2021 offering, Happier Than Ever. Fans can check out the newest Vanity Fair video below.

One of the questions Eilish answers is about her favorite artist of the current moment. In the past, she’s talked about Brockhampton, Tierra Whack, Arlo Parks and more. Now, she says, it’s “Cake, the Cardigans, Dora [Jar], … you know who … and also, me.”

In last year’s installment, Eilish commented on one of her previous years’ responses, noting, “This is just me trying to convince myself I didn’t care. I know that I cared and I was just literally coming up with some stupid quote that would make me pretend that I didn’t care.

“I used to be just filled with these inspirational quotes, just like ready to go, all the time,” she adds. “That I didn’t even agree with most of the time. Kind of crazy.”

Eilish added in the video last year, “Every time I see an interview that period when I was 16, I’m like… everything I said was so stupid. Like not even stupid, it was just like not what I was actually thinking. I was thinking like, ‘I’m overwhelmed, I hate this, everybody expects something from me, I don’t have anything to give them, I fucking suck.’” Watch last year’s video here.

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