Blackberry Smoke Announce Brit Turner Tribute Concert in Atlanta Featuring Special Guests 49 Winchester

Brit Turner, founding member and drummer for the Southern rock band Blackberry Smoke passed away on March 3. He had been battling glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer. The rest of the band mourned his passing. However, they pressed on, continuing their tour. Now, they’re teaming up with 49 Winchester to celebrate Turner’s life in the band’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Blackberry Smoke took to social media earlier today to share the news with their fans and followers. “Brothers and sisters, we hope you’ll join us August 23 at Cadence Bank Amphitheatre in Atlanta, Georgia as we celebrate the life and legacy of our brother Brit Turner,” the band wrote. “Our friends 49 Winchester will be joining us,” they added.

Brit Turner Was the Driving Force Behind Blackberry Smoke

Turner wasn’t just the band’s drummer and one of three founding members. His passion also helped to push the band forward for more than two decades. When the band announced his passing, they called him Blackberry Smoke’s True North. He was their guide.

Just weeks before he passed, Blackberry Smoke released their most recent album, Be Right Here. He was alive long enough to see that album go to No. 1, according to a Rolling Stone interview with frontman Charlie Starr.

“It’s kind of a whirlwind of emotions around here,” Starr told the publication. “This was [Turner’s] passion. He worked tirelessly. I wish that somehow people could see the dedication he had for this band,” he added.

He then recalled one of the last time he spoke to his bandmate and longtime friend. “I told him our record was No. 1 and his eyes got really big,” Starr recalled. “He had really stopped speaking at that point. But it was obvious to me he knew what I had told him.”

During the interview, Starr revealed that they had already collectively agreed to continue with the band after Turner’s passing. “We knew that we were going to continue because that’s what he would want. We’ve all worked hard—nobody harder than him—to build this thing,” he explained. “If we decided to stop, he would shame us.”

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