Daily Discovery: Blume Hinges Unveils 90s Alt-Rock Inspired Single “One In The Same”

Aaron Egeland — who hails from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada — has been writing and recording high energy alt-rock since 2016. In collaboration with Chicago-based Diversion Records label head and producer Scott Simon, Egeland is now releasing his second album under the name Blume Hinges. The album is titled Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain and is slated for release in August 2020 via Diversion Records. 

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Additionally, Egeland has released the record’s lead single, a catchy tune by the name of “One in the Same.” With obvious 90s alt influences, the single is as melodic and jangly as it is grungy and mosh-pit-worthy. It’s also a song that feels seamless — that is to say, you can hear that the song is an organic expression of Egeland’s musical sensibilities.

“This song just sort of happened… it came out like vomit,” Egeland told American Songwriter. “It was the last song that I wrote for the record, and I never initially intended for it to be included on it. However, it seemed to jive with the rest of the record and it’s a great pop song… so it became a last-minute addition. In terms of the actual composition I wrote this song because it was fun, it was fun to play. I love the chord progressions, especially the post-chorus section. I can zone out and just play that chord progression endlessly and never get bored of it.”

Which makes sense when you consider Egeland’s approach to songwriting: “I write at my best when I’m alone in a room, playing guitar and sometimes something magical happens,” he said. “I never sit down and play music with the intention of writing a song, sometimes it happens and oftentimes it doesn’t — I never try to force it. I do, however, obsessively refine the songs that come from the aforementioned process. Sometimes they change radically, other times the ‘finished product’ is essentially the same as the initial spontaneous demos.”

Listen to Blume Hinges’ new single “One in the Same” below: 

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