Breathe In and Turn Down for What: Lil Jon Releases Guided Meditation Album

Lil Jon has had a surprising new project up his sleeve—a guided meditation album which he dropped on February 16. Total Meditation features 11 tracks all at or under 10 minutes long which guide listeners through meditative practice and mindfulness.

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The album dropped with a video that Lil Jon posted on Instagram featuring him sitting cross-legged in the desert. He says in the video, “Now imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel safe and secure. I’d like to welcome you to Total Meditation.” Lil Jon worked with producer Kabir Sehgal on the album.

Speaking with Rolling Stone about the album this month, Lil Jon revealed that the idea came to him once he discovered guided meditation during a difficult personal upheaval.

“Once I turned 50, a lot of things started to happen,” he began. “I started going through a divorce. I’m separated right now. Going through that and all of the emotions of the divorce—anger and frustration and all of the ups and downs — I found meditation to calm me and to bring me more at peace; to look at life and situations in a different manner. I really got into meditating and saying my affirmations every day and also into manifestation. All of that tied together.”

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Lil Jon Found a Calm and Peaceful Mindset Through Meditation, and Wants to Share That With Others

Not only does Lil Jon want to spread awareness of the benefits of meditation, he also wants to change people’s perspective of him.

“Part of the reason I want to do this project is [because] people that look like me and then people that look at me like, ‘Oh, this crazy party guy,’ [are] going to listen to me in a different manner than they would like a doctor or their mom or their dad. They relate to me a little bit more,” he told Rolling Stone.

Truly, Lil Jon is looking out for us all. From hyping us up to “turn down for what” or helping us convince all of our friends to do shots at the bar, Lil Jon has been there with us for nearly three decades. Now, as we suffer through the stresses of adult life, he’s still there, cheering us on and letting us know that sometimes we just need to take a deep breath in, hold it, and let it out again.

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