Breedlove Offers Concerto Acoustic Guitar Body in New Guitar Models


Breedlove Oregon Concerto Myrtle
PRESS RELEASE: Breedlove Guitars announces new guitar models featuring the Breedlove Concerto, their proprietary body shape that delivers a higher level of guitar resonance, volume and intonation. This handcrafted guitar shape was designed to elicit the volume of a classic dreadnought, but with more lush, complex tonal resonance and a comfortable form whether sitting or standing.

  • The Breedlove Concerto body shape is now available in eight Breedlove acoustic guitar models:
  • Exotic Amazon Concerto E Adirondack Spruce - Brazilian Rosewood
  • Masterclass Brazilian Concerto E Bearclaw Sitka Spruce – Brazilian Rosewood
  • Masterclass Concerto E Adirondack Spruce - Cocobolo
  • Legacy Concerto E Adirondack Spruce - Koa
  • Premier Concerto Copper E Sitka Spruce – East Indian Rosewood
  • Frontier Concerto E Mahogany - Mahogany
  • Oregon Concerto E Sitka Spruce – Myrtlewood
  • Oregon Concerto E Myrtlewood – Myrtlewood
The Breedlove Concerto is crafted from responsibly harvested exotic tonewoods such as myrtlewood, mahogany, rosewood, koa, cocobolo, and Brazilian. The body shape lets each wood sing in a way not heard before, with a design that increases the interior air space and reduces the sound hole size to decrease air resistance. The loud, lush, textured sound of the Concerto results from Breedlove’s proprietary new Sound Profiling technology that goes beyond traditional guitar manufacturing to dial in each piece of wood’s ideal frequency based on extensive research. Because tonewoods harvested from different parts of a tree have varying characteristics, Breedlove precisely Sound Profiles every top and back individually to target specific frequencies. The tops are then sanded to a thinness that will deliver those frequencies. This process brings out each wood’s special characteristics to produce significant volume and a palette of distinct tonal flavors. Each Breedlove Concerto model surpasses the classic big body sound of a dreadnought and features a more pronounced waist, making it more comfortable to hold and play while sitting, and approachable while standing. The thinner Breedlove neck profile also invites more flexibility in finger movement across the fingerboard. To learn more about the Breedlove Concerto models, visit  

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