Bringin’ It Backwards: Interview with Ava King

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Ava King over Zoom video! 

Ava was born and raised in France just outside of Paris.  She attended Columbia university where she briefly studied Chinese and journalism (at 18 she published her first piece in the New York Times).  After graduating she moved to China for a decade and worked as a TV host (hosting in Mandarin) and singer over there.   She appeared on almost every single national network (including as a celebrity on the show “Stars in Danger: the High Dive”), accrued a social media following of 1 million and was covered by press including the Southern Weekend (the local equivalent of the New York Times).  

Notwithstanding this overseas success, she decided to return to the States.  She later admitted that her time in China had been lonely, and she had also always longed to learn more about US pop music.   She’d read about Dr. Luke and Kesha, and decided learning to produce music as a woman was very important: 1) she could help out other female artists and give them a respectful and safe creative space  2) she would be able to create music that truly resounded for her.

Her songwriting and producing has since then landed on Crazy Rich Asians, the Ellen show, Empire and the Billboard World Charts #1 position.   Ava is now focusing more on her own artist project.  

The message in her music is “love and acceptance of yourself no matter where you are at in life.”  In an industry where the charts are dominated by songs that champion sexuality and financial success as a basis for self-esteem, she wants to create a safe haven where people can feel good about themselves without those things.

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