Britney Spears Changes Her IG Handle, Fans Wonder What it All Means

Ever since the brutal conservatorship, that kept her under career lock and key, ended, Britney Spears has been making headline after headline, surprising fans left and right.

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The latest news to come from Spears and her popular social media platform includes the pop star changing her Instagram handle, which boasts some 42 million followers, from her given name to “Channel 8.”

And her millions of fans are curious about what it all means.

The change occurred earlier this month. That day brought several new posts from the pop star. Her fans began to notice the name change around 11 p.m. ET.

Some of the theories proposed include wondering if “Channel 8” might have to do with a new single or album. Spears dropped her ninth album, Glory, in 2016.

Still, others are wondering if it’s a new brand, perhaps some new fragrance or workout clothing line. Fans pointed out that on September 4, Spears shared a video of someone using the negative space of an 8 or diamond playing card to draw an 8. Perhaps that’s a clue?

Others think the change could just be random. Even more, some have called on the famous Easter egg-hunting Taylor Swift fans to help find more clues and answers.

Perhaps the biggest theory has to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Or it could do with numerology. Whatever it is, Spears has yet to address the change and so the speculation will continue.

“Britney Spears has updated her Instagram bio to Channel 8,” wrote the Britney Stan account.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Channel 8 is also a fictional TV channel in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) related to Captain America’s story. Is Britney joining the MCU? OMG The D23 Expo is Disney’s biennial fan convention where Marvel studios will announce its line-up projects and casts. It is happening on this Sunday, Sept 11.

“Could Channel 8 mean this?”

What do you think it means? Comment below.

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