Carly Pearce Shares Health Update a Month After Being Diagnosed with a Heart Condition

Last month, Carly Pearce let her fans know that she received a diagnosis of pericarditis. Due to the condition, she told fans that her shows may look different in the future. She didn’t want to cancel or postpone concerts. However, she had to keep an eye on her heart rate during performances. As a result, she would have to dial things back a couple of notches.

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Pericarditis is inflammation of the pericardium, the tissue that surrounds the heart. It can present in several different ways including chest pain and shortness of breath. The condition is usually mild and may go away without treatment. However, more serious cases may need medical intervention, medication, and surgery in rare cases per Mayo Clinic.

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Recently, Pearce shared a health update with Taste of Country Nights host Evan Paul. He asked if her condition would go away or if it would affect her for the rest of her life. “It can definitely go away,” Pearce said. “I’m hoping it goes away. Good Lord, I don’t want it to affect me forever. It would not be good,” she added.

“I’m doing a lot better,” she revealed. “I think I’m taking all of the necessary steps to make sure that it doesn’t come back. But I’m doing good.”

Pearce went on to say that her smartwatch helps her keep an eye on her health. “I have to keep my heart rate at a certain point, and that includes my daily life and on stage. I just can’t push it,” she explained. However, she’s touching base with her doctors every week to add a little more to her routine and push her heart a little harder. She just doesn’t want to “go from 0 to 100.”

Carly Pearce Shares an Update on Social Media

Yesterday, Carly Pearce took to social media to give her fans and followers a health update. “For those asking, I’m getting better every day and feeling more like myself,” she wrote in the post. “I’ll be running around like my usual self before you know it. Thanks for all of the prayers. I have felt them every single day,” she added.

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