Chayce Beckham Surprised With Gold-Certified Plaque on ‘American Idol,’ Debuts New Song

The winner of American Idol Season 19, Chayce Beckham, came back to the show this week to perform a new single, “Till The Day I Die.”

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The California native frames himself as a certified cowboy in the track singing, I guess Mama let me grow up to be a cowboy / She couldn’t shape me up no matter how hard she tried / And the good Lord gave me a crazy side when he made me / So He’ll let it slide if I let a little out tonight.

Beckham proved why he won the show in the first place with this performance, flexing his smoky vocals and owning the stage with confidence.

After Beckham performed the new track, host Ryan Seacrest and judge Luke Bryan surprised him with a career milestone: a plaque denoting that his Idol song “23” had been certified gold.

Beckham debuted “23” during his time on the show, making him the first alum to win with an original song.

“It was a really eye-opening experience putting music out and connecting with people through it,” Beckham previously told American Songwriter. “I guess it was something that I always wanted to do but just could never find the right avenue to get it out to people. So it was a life-changing experience to get to go and sing a couple of my own songs and then get to be the first person to win with an original song.”

Beckham took to Instagram after the performance to comment on the plaque, writing, “Can’t not post this bad boy, and give a quick thanks to all the people who were involved in this song, and who believed in it from the jump.”

“[Thank you] the entire team at American Idol,” he continued. “Luke, you have made a huge impact in my life and I’m so grateful to have met ya. My lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and all you incredible people who played the living hell outta this tune. Speechless is an understatement! Thanks for riding with this California Kid! Love ya all.”

Check out his performance of “Till The Day I Die,” below.

Photo by ABC/Eric McCandless

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