Conan O’Brien Spoofs Bob Dylan’s Chrysler Commercial


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Bob Dylan caused quite a ruckus with his dual Super Bowl commercials over the weekend. While most people seemed to gloss over his spot for Chobani Yogurt (possibly because Jamie Lee Curtis already broke us all in), the Internet came alive with debate over Dylan’s Pro-American, anti-outsourcing Chrysler commercial. There were the usual cries of “sell-out” and “Judas,” and a few long pieces explaining why Dylan can do whatever he damn well pleases.

Now Conan O’Brien has chimed in with a spoof of Dylan’s Chrysler ad, which had the gall to ask, “Is there anything more American than America?”  If we let China assemble our phones, then it stands to reason that we’d let Yemen assemble our Chia Pets. But are we really going to let Hungary put together our Leopard Skin Pillbox hats?

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