Daily Discovery: Blessing Has a Few Thoughts on Love and “boys like you”

We’ve all been there—pining after someone who’s just out of our reach. Whether it was your first celebrity crush or a friend of a friend, the feelings of unrequited love never dull in their sting. Recently, the Houston-hailing singer/songwriter Blessing penned a track about these emotions. The song, titled “boys like you,” lightens these intense emotions in a swirl of smooth R&B beats and clever, timely lyrics.

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Would love to hear you say I’m number one, but I’m just number one in the club, Blessing sings on the track.

“The story behind this song is that I stay falling for the guys who are ‘out of reach,’” Blessing tells American Songwriter. “Not because of a lack of confidence in myself but mainly the fact that they’re always well-known people. I was crushing mad hard on a guy I’d come across on Instagram and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. So the song came to me after I saw he had 2 million followers and I thought to myself ‘you do this a lot.’”

Blessing’s quick reflection and creative processing show the depth of her songwriting abilities. And just getting started in the music industry at 20 years old, Blessing is quickly developing an irresistible sound. She continued to explain that her best writing happens when she’s alone in her bedroom, and her creative process is pretty intuitive from there. Inspiration simply arises from “[f]inding something within me that moves me in some sort of way, grabbing my guitar, and writing about it,” Blessing says.

All in all, Blessing’s sound is both current and enduring. Her unique perspective on love and life as a young adult who graduated high school in a global pandemic is invaluable to today’s pop genres. 

Listen to “boys like you” below, and remember this advice from Blessing: “It doesn’t make you any less cool if the feeling isn’t mutual.”

Photo Credit: Coughs/RCA Records

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