Daily Discovery: Derek Post, “Usin’ Me”


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ARTIST: Derek Post

BIRTHDATE: Aug 25, Virgo
HOMETOWN: Born: Shreveport LA, Hometown: Okoboji IA
AMBITIONS: When it comes to life, continue to listen, learn, grow, and pass it on.
TURN-OFFS: Unkindness close-mindedness turbulent plane trips
TURN-ONS: Kindness open-mindedness cereal cartoons
DREAM GIG: Continue to work hard & do my best & maybe,just maybe,you never know
SONG I WISH I WROTE: Layla by Derek & The Dominos
MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: I haven’t been to many concerts. I saw BB King & Eric Clapton perform. They’re one of the last of the mohicans of a music generation so its special to see them live before they are gone.
 I WROTE THIS SONG: Well, Usin me is about someone using me…I was aware I was being used & knew better, but in the end we were using each other. In other words mutually benefiting.

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