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ARTIST: Michael Gowen

SONG:Book on Cool

BIRTHDATE: 3/21/1989

HOMETOWN: Redlands, CA


AMBITIONS: To be the best writer I can be.

TURN-OFFS: People who give 95% when you know they have 100% in them.

TURN-ONS: People who have an inspirational vibe that sparks my creative energy.

DREAM GIG: A simple writer’s round with writers I admire would be the first level of the dream; escalating from there.

FAVORITE LYRIC: One of them:

 “The traveling, the singing, it don’t mean nothing without you      The fast cars, the guitars, they are all just second to     This life, this love that you and I’ve been dreaming of for so long     Would all be as good as gone without you”

CRAZIEST PERSON I KNOW: My younger brother Matt.

SONG I WISH I WROTE: It has to be something by Craig Wiseman. His songs always connect with me. “Live Like You Were Dying”–Tim McGraw

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH: Craig Wiseman/Bruce Springsteen/Jimi Hendrix/Steve Jobs/Abraham Lincoln

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: KISS. I was 10 years old and the show inspired me to pick up the guitar and see what I could do with it. Without that concert I may have never reached for the guitar.

I WROTE THIS SONG: My co-writer came to me with a verse/chorus lyric idea. The rhyme scheme was tight with a rapid fire feel and that inspired me to start writing the music and melody right away. We wanted to capture the vibe of that cool female you see at music festivals or downtown at the record store. The one who is not following any set rules or set ideals of what she should be doing. This is the person who is paving her own way and most likely she doesn’t even realize she is. . .she just does.



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