Daily Discovery: The Delta Saints, “Liar”


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ARTIST: The Delta Saints

SONG: Liar

HOMETOWN: We come from all over. I (Ben Ringel) am form Pineville, LA. Our drummer (Ben Azzi) and bass player (David Supica) are from just outside of Kansas City, KS. Our guitar player (Dylan Fitch) is from Clarksville, TN, and our organ player (Nate Kremer) is from Louisville, KY.


AMBITIONS: To pay our rent on time…consistently. And doing theatre tours would be pretty a dream.

TURN-OFFS: We each typically go for different types of ladies and different types of music. As a group, I feel confident in saying that arrogance is a pretty big one.

TURN-ONSs: *See above disclaimer* A good groove face, and brown notes.

DREAM GIG: The Ryman Auditorium.

STARTED PLAYING MUSIC: For all of us, it was between the ages of 6 and 10. Non of us really progressed beyond about 15, though.

FAVORITE LYRIC: Lyrics are hard out of context, but my favorite comes from Ray Lamontagne’s “Burn”. He wrote,  “Oh and don’t pay no mind, to my watering eyes, must be something in the air that I’m breathing. Yes and try to ignore, all this blood on the floor, it’s just this heart on my sleeve, that’s bleeding.”  Dear god…

CRAZIEST PERSON WE KNOW: I won’t mention last names, but some of us went to school with a guy named Tyler. He was brilliant, and crazy, and had a knack for showing up to our shows, hundreds of miles from his home, unannounced.

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