Damien Jurado is Leaving Spotify: “I Simply Cannot Continue to Support or Align Myself”

Americana songwriter and performer Damien Jurado has announced Saturday (January 7) that he will be leaving Spotify. Immediately.

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The move comes about a year after legendary folk singer Neil Young announced his intention to leave the popular streaming platform, which caused a global reaction from both appreciative and angry audiences. Young’s decisions were then followed up by other artists like Joni Mitchell and India.Arie.

But why is Jurado leaving the streaming platform now? Because of how it pays its artists, he says. Taking to his Facebook page, Jurado explained:

A message from Damien Jurado:


Maraqopa Records has made the decision to leave Spotify. Why? answer: I simply cannot continue to support or align myself with a corporation who continues to profit off of the musicians it refuses to pay a fair and decent living wage. I am requesting the action of my removal immediately. My principles must align with the life I live. Just as the personal decisions I make when it comes to both the environment, and animal welfare. This to me is no different. Keep in mind that it is only Spotify that I am removing my music from. Platforms such as TIDALApple Music, etc. will stay in place. Understand that I am in no way, shape, or form, anti-streaming. I accept reality. I however do not accept unacceptable business practices, and unfair treatment of artists. 

AMEN and / Amen.

While Jurado is not as familiar a name as Young or Mitchell, he is a well-respected songwriter and performer who has worked with labels like Sub Pop Records and artists like Moby.

American Songwriter chatted with Jurado in 2020 about his then-latest LP, What’s New, Tomboy.

“I’m a very spiritual person,” he said. “I’m very in tune with the spiritual side of my life. I have a pretty intense communion with God, I really do. You open up your mind’s eye or your heart’s eye and you just take it in. I believe that if you’re open to it, I believe God shows up in a great way.”

To date, Jurado has released over 20 albums that display his signature falsetto voice and intricate songs, which often feature stories rooted in a fictional locale, Maraqopa.

This is a developing story.

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