Dave Mustaine Says He’s “Watching the Sun Rise” on Megadeth’s Career

Though it’s unlikely Megadeth will see its demise anytime soon, founder and frontman Dave Mustaine knows what the culprit will be should that ever occur.

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As lead singer of the iconic metal band, which he founded in 1983 after he was fired from Metallica, Mustaine’s voice is critical to Megadeth’s foundation – so much so that if he were to ever lose his ability to sing, it would spell demise for the band. “Even if I could play, if I couldn’t sing – I think because of [Megadeth] being built on my voice – I don’t think that I would carry on,” he explained on The Jeremy White Show, according to Metal Injection.” I just think if I didn’t do that, I would be cheating the fans.”

Mustaine announced on social media in June 2019 that he had been diagnosed with throat cancer and was undergoing treatment. Six months later at a Megadeth show in January 2020, he announced that he was in remission and cancer free. He says his health is currently in good standing. While there will likely come a day when Megadeth can’t rock again, Mustaine doesn’t foresee that happening anytime soon. In fact, he feels like their career is as vibrant as ever.

“I’m sure that that’s going to come at some point, but I don’t see anything right now,” he continued about the possibility of not being able to sing anymore. “Not that I’m a great singer, but I have a lot of thinking to do as we are watching the sun rise on our career right now. Because it should be setting. It’s setting on a lot of my peers’ careers if it isn’t already set. But it seems like the sun is still rising in the land of all things [Megadeth].”

The band will spend the summer and fall of 2023 on tour, with dates all around the world, including Aftershock Festival in California on October 6.

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