Daily Discovery: Dean Fields Balances Life As Dad While Creating New Record


Musicians are often night owls. Most of their gigs don’t end until after everyone else has already gone to sleep and once they return home, they have other work to do, such as writing songs or simply just resting themselves. For Dean Fields, this isn’t always easy, especially because his full-time job as a father to his young son starts when he gets home. He aptly titled his newest album ‘While the Baby Was Sleeping.’

The Virginia native recorded this eight song collection after he laid his son down for the night.

“My new album is titled ‘While the Baby Was Sleeping’ because, well, that’s when I made it,” he said. “Late at night after we put our son to bed, I’d kiss my wife goodnight and retire to my little studio above the garage and hit record. It was just me, my guitar, and these songs of mine.”

There’s no doubt that Fields’ acoustic guitar is a staple in his work. Just by listening to the first track on the album, you can instantly hear that raw sound that makes listeners feel like they’re sitting in the same room as him.

Of all the songs on this record, “Armadillo” might be the most relatable of the world’s current situation right now. This was the first single off this album and it features lyrics that can speak to the masses who seem as if they are taking what they have for granted.

Its lyrics read “You could’ve been an armadillo, born in the middle of the road. No matter which way you go, it goes the same way don’t you know: here and gone in seconds flat; flat as the picture of the planet. Well, I’ll be damn it. Don’t that sound pretty sad? Now your troubles don’t seem so bad.”

This current state of our society is not very stable. There’s lots of uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping across numerous countries at alarming rates. Fields went to Instagram in hopes of giving his fans some comfort with his new music.

“I put out a new album right before a crazy virus turned everything upside down and locked everyone in their homes,” says Fields. “As much as I don’t want this sweet album I love associated with a biological agent, maybe it could keep you company right now?”

I think it’s safe to say we could all use a little company.

‘While the Baby Was Sleeping’ is available on streaming sites everywhere today!


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