Dolly Parton Discusses Dollywood’s New Museum Attraction: “It Was a Very Emotional Journey for Me”

Over the holiday weekend, Dollywood opened a new museum attraction called The Dolly Parton Experience. The new attraction takes visitors on an abbreviated journey through Parton’s history showcasing her music, movies, fashion, family, and friends.

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Heading into Memorial Day Weekend, Parton appeared on Fox News Channel’s America Reports. While there, she talked about her career, what’s coming next, and much more. During the conversation, she spoke about the new museum exhibit.

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Dolly Parton on Her New Museum Exhibit

“Well, we have everything that you could imagine hoping to enjoy at a park anywhere in this whole wide world. We’re the number one park in these parts, for sure. There’s food, there’s fun, there’s shows, there’s music,” the icon said about Dollywood in general. “This week, we’re opening my new museum. It’s a multimedia experience, a lot of it is digital. But it’s a really up-to-date version of a museum,” she said of the new attraction. “People are really enjoying that now,” she added.

Later in the interview, Parton discussed how she felt while visiting The Dolly Parton Experience. “When I was walking through the experience yesterday, just seeing the museum and all the things they’ve done here, it was—it was like a mind warp and a time warp,” she said. “It was like going back, and I was thinking ‘How in the world did I ever do all that?’ But I have lived a long time, and I have been at it since I was very, very young. And I had a lot of help getting to where I’m at,” she added.

“It was a very emotional journey for me yesterday. When I’d seen it all put together and saw it how the people are going to view it, and just looking at it. For instance, I got very emotional seeing all the things about my family, my parents being gone,” Parton recalled. “I was just seeing them so up close and personal and then, seeing Kenny Rogers, one of my dearest friends ever, and us singing together there so up close and personal. It was really emotional,” she added.

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