Easy Love Streams ‘Wander Feeler’ With Track-By-Track

Easy Love is the solo project of Justine Brown, a multi-instrumentalist and DIY artist based in southern California. Wander Feeler, Easy Love’s sophomore album is being released by Loantaka Records on July 10 on 12” vinyl, for paid download and via all major streaming platforms. 

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Born and raised in Riverside, California, Brown soaked in the nature-rich surroundings and reveled in the inland city’s fruitful arts scene. She was able to grow in her craft by playing free all-ages shows at Back To The Grind, downtown Riverside’s local coffee shop and heart of the community. 

Highlighted by multiple tracks that feature amazing guitar work, the three highlights of “Cool Type”, “Never Alone,” and “Alright” offer the best examples of where Brown is and where she can be with continued evolution — an evolution that we are excited to hear happen.

Wander Feeler was recorded in just one week during January 2019, and then engineered and mixed by Eric Penna.

Brown offered a live stream and track-by-track of the album for readers of American Songwriter.

I originally named this instrumental “Rogue Wave” because it reminded me of a song that the band Rogue Wave would write. I used to listen to them in the 2000’s era. 

This is a song I wrote for myself as a reminder that everything is going to be okay. It’s a reminder to keep going no matter what the obstacles are. I am constantly having to remind myself that I’m the only one who can fight to make my life how I want it to be. I can’t wait around for others to make it awesome!

Cool Type
This song was written about a relationship that felt so right that I thought it could never go wrong. My heart was broken in the end. The beginning of the song references the moment he saw me for the first time and re-collected it to me when we started dating. 

Forget About Love
This song was written during a time when I was frustrated about being single and I thought that I would never meet the right person. 

Golden Hour 
I really enjoy writing melodies and harmonies on the guitar. This one reminded me of that time when the light hits just right before the sun goes down. 

Blue Eyes 
I recorded this song using my Recording King (acoustic guitar). I love how bright the sound is! I wanted the singing parts at the end to mimic the sound of birds. 

Wander Feeler
 I first made a demo of this song after I performed at and attended Desert Daze (music festival) in Joshua Tree playing bass in another project. I was really inspired and I remember putting the whole song together in one sitting. I was so happy being in the peaceful desert atmosphere and I didn’t want to come home. The term Wander Feeler was completely random. It popped into my head as I was writing it. 

Your Smile 
This song is a ballad that I wrote about a person who is very dear to me. It contains my favorite guitar solo that I have ever written! 

Falling For You
I wrote most of the instrumentals while I was on tour with other bands. I would sit in the back of the van using an IRig to plug my guitar into my iPhone and record demos of these songs using GarageBand. This one made me think of that feeling of excitement over a new romance. 

Never Alone
This song is a dedication to my friends. I was single and feeling lonely during the time I wrote it. I realized that I have had their support all along and I need to remember they are there for me when I need them. It was my first time playing slide guitar and autoharp on my songs. I like how we used a space echo to add effects to the slide guitar in the beginning. 

I Want It All
 This was written about someone that I had feelings for who was already in a serious relationship.  It felt good to express this through song, thus being able to move on much faster. I remember being so attached to the demo and I was struggling with trying to make the final version sound the same. I learned that it’s almost impossible to do that and that I need to let go of that notion. I was ultimately satisfied with the finished song. I think I tend to get attached because that’s what I was hearing for such a long time before making the final product. 

Leave Me
This song is about someone who broke my heart. He kept popping into my head when I would least expect it. During the time when I wrote this, I was hearing stories about thought transmissions between people. I believe that sometimes we can connect telepathically. If he was thinking of me, I hoped that he would soon forget so I would too. 

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