ERNEST Releases Mother’s Day Tribute Track, “Takes After You”

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, ERNEST has released a tribute to his wife, Delaney Royer. The track “Takes After You” arrived earlier (May 10) this week— before the 2023 ACM Awards, where he was nominated for Artist-Songwriter of the Year. 

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The esteemed visionary has penned a long-running list of No.1 hits for various artists within the genre, but he claims that “Takes After You” is his most vulnerable track to date. The 2x CMA Triple Play Award winner co-wrote the reflective ballad alongside Music Row’s Jordan Schmidt and Josh Thompson. 

The letter-like lyrics are destined to tug at heartstrings, as he speaks directly to his wife about their first child, Ryman Saint. Although their little boy is the spitting image of ERNEST, the singer hopes he takes after his mother. Throughout the guitar-soaked melody that compliments his infectious vocals, ERNEST recalls his behavior as a child and the values he would like to instill in his son. 

I know that boy won’t walk on water | ‘Cause he comes from my blood | And I pray one day he’ll look back and Not be all I was, sings ERNEST. He might not live by all red letters | Somethin’ close to that will do |Oh if he don’t take after Jesus | I hope he takes after you.

The fast-rising artist said that the eye-opening track was initially inspired by a video featuring country legend Johnny Cash. “I heard someone talking to Johnny Cash in a video,” shared ERNEST in a statement. “They said, ‘Johnny, I’ve known ya a long time. I got a son now, and if he don’t take after Jesus, I’d be quite alright if he took after you.’ So I immediately thought, I couldn’t agree more with Ryman and Delaney. She is the most humble, kind, empathetic, nature-loving, giving, selfless, and downright wholesome human I know. The things she’ll teach Ryman in this life by her actions will transcend anything he’ll learn in a building.”

The father of one continued to mention that he hopes his son learns from his previous mistakes and always makes his faith a priority. Along with the song, ERNEST also released a music video that features his beautiful family. 

“I want to instill in him a knowing of God and the importance of gratitude and faith,” he said. “My wild side has won too many times, and I hope by my mistakes I can help him avoid some. But like the song says, if he don’t take after Jesus, I hope he takes after you.” 

The emotional-driven video includes precious footage of his tight-knit unit on the road together, their life in Tennessee, and never-before-seen recording sessions. Although this song holds a special place in the vocalist’s heart, he would like other parents to resonate with the hopeful storyline. 

“This song is specific to me, but I think there are a lot of parents out there who likely feel the same as me,” added ERNEST. “Y’all moms are something special, and a strong woman who leads by example will have an incredible impact on a young man. Thank y’all.”

Photo by Delaney Royer / BIG LOUD

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