Evan Dando Calls Out Jawbreaker for Firing Lemonheads from Their Upcoming Tour

Earlier this week, Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando took to Twitter, calling out Jawbreaker for firing the alt-rock outfit due to COVID-19 violations. The groups were slated to perform an upcoming regional U.S. tour together.

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Jawbreaker announced that the Lemonheads wouldn’t be joining them on their 25th-anniversary tour for Dear You via Instagram. The post read, “Unfortunately Lemonheads won’t be joining us as planned for Philly, Boston & Silver Spring. BUT we are stoked to the Get Up Kids on those shows.”

In an unbridled series of Tweets, Dando called out the group saying, “I just want anyone anyone [sic] and everyone to know that Jawbreaker are pussies. Fact not my opinion.”

He went on in what seemed to be a day-long stream of consciousness (reaching near Kanye-like proportions), proposing to fight the group and calling out their “shitty” music.

“OK I’ve cleared the air just want everyone to know that we didn’t wimp out we were fired like The shitty ceramics that is their music,” he wrote.

“I couldn’t think of any better word pardon the expression ladies women womyn. Everybody it’s not so cool to say pussies but sometimes its Unavoidable like when you’re talking or thinking about the band Jawbreaker,” he added.

He continued, ” I would’ve vomited if I had to sit through another one of those Jawbreaker shows thanks for trying to kick me out during your show guys That was classy.”

A few hours after his venting session, Dando appeared to clear the air calling for a truce.

“OK let’s drop it God bless you Jawbreaker I don’t really want to fight I’m sure you guys are great and I was a bit of a weirdo and an asshole that day let’s chalk it up to miscommunication and for Freddy (sic) sake (Frederick Walsh) I’m gonna drop it,” he said.

“It’s just dawning on me how ridiculous is to be tweeting about this bullshit when there’s a war going on,” Dando wrote. “I don’t want no beef with nobody including you guys Jawbreaker maybe we can do it again sometime.”

This year, the Lemonheads are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their lauded fifth album, It’s A Shame About Ray, and will continue with a tour of their own. Find more information about their tour HERE.

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