Exclusive: Lelia Broussard, “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground”

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We first discovered 21-year-old singer-songwriter Lelia Broussard the way many people did: by checking out her cover of Beyonce’s “All The Single Ladies,” which garnered over two million views on YouTube. That led us to her excellent new album, Masquerade.

We’re excited to debut Broussard’s next cover project (recorded just for us!): her solo take of the White Stripes’ classic “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground.” It’s funny how Jack White’s high-pitched vocals perfectly lend themselves to the female voice, and Broussard shows herself to be equally adept at recreating White’s bluesy rocker as she did Beyonce’s R&B banger.

If you can hear a piano fall, you can hear her coming down the hall.

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground from Lelia Broussard on Vimeo.


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  1. I discovered Lelia Broussard while working my way through the members of the musical “family” she tours and performs with. This includes Bess Rogers, Allison Weiss, and Lauren Zettler directly, and indirectly Allie Moss, Jenny Owen Youngs, and Ingrid Michaelson. If I’m not mistaken, all are produced by Dan Romer. I love all of these artists, but Lelia is simply amazing. I have bought physical copies of all her CDs, but she is just as awesome playing live as she is in the studio. I am not exaggerating when I say I easily rank her in my personal top 5 favorite musicians of the last 20 years. In fact, I woke up this very morning with her song “Scared to Feel” running through my head.

  2. Young as she is, Lelia’s had a large following for years…She’s true to her fans, and we love her for that; as well as for her diverse musical renderings. She’s an old soul with a sweet and playful spirit…….And a great Cajun cook, I’m thinking !!

  3. Young as she is, Lelia’s had a large following for years…She’s true to her fans, and we love her for that; as well as for her diverse and charming musical renderings. She’s an old soul with a sweet and playful spirit……And a great Cajun cook, I’m thinking !!

  4. She’s an incredibly talented musician, there isn’t a single “average” song in her entire collection of music. I highly recommend her to anyone who is not yet familiar with her work. Good stuff, as always.


  5. Lelia Broussard’s is one of my favorite singer songwriters. Years from now folks will look back on her “Waiting on The Nine” EP as a masterpiece that was under appreciated at the time. Tracks Scared to Feel, Dont Let Go, and Waiting on the Nine are all tight and emotional. You think I am Crazy? Van Gogh could not sell a painting in 1890 and now they are all worth millions. History repeats itself. Check out Masquerade – the new one.

  6. Lelia rocks hope she gets more coverage like this she is way to talented not to go far.
    Love the tunes girl keep them coming Masquerade was killer.
    Satellite is the song that goes through my head all the time.

  7. Awesome cover. When I first heard this song more than ten years ago, I was blown away by Jack White’s song writing. Having been a fan of Leila’s for many years, I knew she’d do it justice – and then some. Great version of a great song.

  8. Lelia is an amazing performer.Her vocals are distictive and her song writing is first rate.I’ve got to see her twice this year.Once with her just playing a solo acoustic show.The other was this past weekend with a band backing her up.Both shows were fantastic and i enjoyed them both in their own ways.She really has a great sense of humor too that she brings to the stage with her.Adding comments about what the songs were written about and her life on the road.I would throughly recommend you go see her if she ever plays in your city.She is just great!I’ve met with her after both shows and she is so sweet and takes time to get to know each of her fans.She is always more then willing to sign stuff and pose for pictures which is always nice.

  9. First saw Lelia performing at the Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC.

    Absolutely great performer, musician and song writer.

    Excited for what the future holds for her and the great music her fans will get as a result!

  10. She is an awesome talent. I first met her in Philly, where I had the chance to hang out with her. She didn’t know how to take it when I said she had a “monster” voice. I have now moved to SD, CA and have seen her 3 times on the east coast and 2x out west. Can’t wait for more!!

    Go Lelia!

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