Exclusive Premiere: Julia, Julia (aka Julia Kugel of The Coathangers) Reveals Latest Single “Do It Or Don’t”

Indie rock outfit Julia, Julia is sharing their latest single “Do It Or Don’t” along with the accompanying music video. American Songwriter is happy to premiere the single and video below.

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The new, dreamy song comes from songwriter and performer Julia Kugel, perhaps better known for her work as the frontwoman of the group The Coathangers. Her new project—Julia, Julia—marks her debut solo effort on the album Derealization.

The new LP from Julia, Julia is set to drop on September 30 via Suicide Squeeze Records.

“The video for ‘Do It Or Don’t’ is a look inside my mind with visuals inspired by darkness, sacrifice, and reflection,” Kugel tells American Songwriter about the new track. “The lyrics in the video float by like giant neon signs of my private thoughts and feelings. The song is about making difficult decisions and seeing light in darkness. [The new LP] Derealization is about me dealing with myself. Themes of reflection are sprinkled throughout the album.”

Adds Kugel, “This [new] song is about keeping your head held high. Although I am in many ways obsessed with finding meaning in the meaningless, I had to confront the idea that maybe there is no plan, no destiny. That you have the choice, and that’s all you get. You find the reason to do it or not to and that’s it. And it doesn’t necessarily feel good or right, but you make the choice and just keep moving forward.

“Eventually you will find your footing, and maybe even make up a meaning. I started with drums. I wanted a walking rhythm, a steady, solid molasses pace. The strumming guitar was layered next, again with a simple thumping groove. I wanted everything to feel square. The bass line gives a little more movement with subtle slides: like gentle sighs throughout the verses. The choruses are more emotional and rhythmic but still steady and comforting. I like the way it ends abruptly, done on purpose to be a bit jarring and unresolved.” 

Check out the new track and video here below.

Photo by Scott Montoya / Courtesy Suicide Squeeze

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