4 Things You Should Know About K-Pop’s Hottest Girl Group, BLACKPINK

If you haven’t yet heard about Blackpink yet, buckle up, because the group is quickly becoming one of the hottest girl groups in music.

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BLACKPINK (stylized in all capitals) is a four-member K-Pop group heavily influenced by the hip-hop, EDM, and trap genres. The group officially formed with the help of the South Korean agency YG Entertainment in 2016. This genesis occurred after each artist went through several years of training at, what is being called, a “full-time pop-star academy.” Now, six years after their debut, the women of BLACKPINK are breaking records and releasing chart-topping music.

So, to better understand the BLACKPINK phenomenon, we’ve laid out four need-to-know facts about this four-member girl group.

1. BLACKPINK is made up of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

All members of BLACKPINK are known mononymously, and all of the women have solo careers outside of the girl group.

Jennie was the first to be revealed as a member of BLACKPINK. She was born in Seoul, South Korea, and studied in New Zealand for several years growing up. Lisa was actually born in Thailand, and she auditioned to join YG Entertainment in 2010. Next is Jisoo who co-wrote the lead single “Lovesick Girls” from BLACKPINK’s first studio album and has had several acting gigs over the course of her career. And finally, the last member to be revealed as a part of BLACKPINK is Rosé. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and is now known for her unique vocals.

2. The band name BLACKPINK embodies the band’s spirit.

The members have a special connection with their band name.

“We felt like those two colors represented us the most because we’re very girly but at the same time we’re very savage too,” Rosé said in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. “We have a song called ‘Pretty Savage’ and it kind of goes with BLACKPINK, and so we decided it described us the best.”

The group also named its fan base “Blinks” as a portmanteau of its band name.

3. BLACKPINK has its own movie.

Blackpink: The Movie is a 99-minute-long documentary about the group. You can stream the movie on Hulu.

4. The band’s second studio album is set for a September 16 release.

Born Pink, the group’s second studio album, will be released on September 16, which will be just over two years since BLACKPINK’s album debut. The lead single for this album, “Pink Venom,” peaked on the Billboard Global 200 chart, and its music video saw millions of views within the first 24 hours of its release. Outside of “Pink Venom,” the album will reportedly have seven more tracks that will lyrically touch on the massive international success the group has seen as of late.

Safe to say, Born Pink will make a few waves in the music world.

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