Free Download: Andre Williams And The Sadies, “I’ll Do Most Anything For Your Love”

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A good chunk of Andre Williams’ new album Night And Day, (cut with The Sadies, and featuring Kelly Hogan, Sallie Timms, Jon Spencer, members of the Mekons, and more) was recorded in a rum-inspired haze. But a few years after the initial session, the 70-year-old singer got his act together, which allowed them to capture tracks like the infectious “I’ll Do Most Anything For Your Love.”

“The song ‘I’ll Do Most Anything…’ was done in the second session, when Andre was sober, obviously,” says The Sadies’ Dallas Good. “That’s Jon Langford yelling “fight” in the background, but otherwise it’s just four Sadies and one take.”

Andre Williams and the Sadies, “I’ll Do Most Anything For Your Love”


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