From Weeping to Meme-ing – Fans React to Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show News

With news of Rihanna’s return to music by way of the upcoming 2023 Super Bowl LVII halftime show, fan reactions have poured in.

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Taking to social media with an array of emotions – everything from shock to elation to both – people have been going crazy over the recent news. Many of those emotions stem from the fact that the star hasn’t released an album since Anti in 2016. Rihanna also hasn’t performed live in about as many years.

Many fans are praising that we’ve made it through the “Rihanna drought,” and some are exclaiming “Rihanna didn’t stop the music after all.”

“When I hear RIHANNA’s voice after 6 whole years, the blood that will rush to my veins. I’ll just cry,” one fan tweets.

Consistently one to tease new music over this dormant period, Rhianna still hasn’t dropped anything new, having kept her main focus on running her beauty brand, Fenty Beauty. Many fans are awaiting an album announcement during the halftime performance while others joke her 14-minute show will be nothing more than a make-up tutorial mid-field.

1. “when rhianna performs a 14-minute makeup tutorial at the halftime show instead.” – @tribranchvo

2. “Rhianna at the SuperBowl:” with a photo of her superimposed in front of her Fenty Beauty display on the field. – @itsayosigns

The mega-star is certainly being praised for her return to the stage, in this case, the stage.

“Imagine staying away from music for 6 years and announcing your comeback through Super Bowl??!!. Rihanna is my favorite superstar please,” one fan posts.

Other Ri disciples are still in shock, joking that the high cost of having a baby has forced the singer back into performing, or that her halftime show will bring about the end times, or even teasing she’s forgotten the lyrics to all her songs.

1. “having a child so expensive Rhianna gone back to work” – @chestermpierre

2. “I could genuinely see the world ending after the final song of Rhianna’s super bowl performance.” – @zacharyjelks

3. “rhianna looking up her lyrics to learn them again.” – @ohhhhherewego

What was your immediate reaction to the halftime show news? Let us know in the comments. But for now, enjoy some Rihanna live in preparation for the Super Bowl on Feb. 12, 2023.

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