Future of Music Coalition Backs New Rules for an Open Internet

Since its inception, the Internet has been both good and bad for artists, musicians, songwriters and content creators. It’s been good in a sense that the platform is limitless and effective and putting art out into the world is a click away. The negatives start to emerge when fairness and proper accreditation are lost in the realm of streaming and anonymity. However, the Future of Music Coalition, a non-profit research, education and advocacy organization for musicians, is out to make a change.

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Chairman of the FCC, Tom Wheeler, is expected to circulate his plans to preserve an open Internet where artists and creators can reach audiences without discrimination or interference from a handful of powerful Internet Service Providers. According to news reports from inside the FCC’s meetings, the move includes a “reclassification” of broadband as a “telecommunications service” – a move that will, according to the company, provides a sounder footing to protect both content creators and consumers. 

“For years, thousands of artists and independent labels have stepped up and made the case for an open and participatory Internet where lawful content, sites and services have a chance to thrive,” said Casey Rae, CEO of Music Coalition, in a news release. “The legal certainty and flexibility of a Title II approach is the best means to prevent ISPs from discriminating against lawful online content. This light-touch regulatory framework will encourage a vibrant, diverse and competitive online marketplace built on creativity and innovation.”

The FCC will vote on these rules on February 26 in an Open Meeting.

If reports are correct,” said Rae, “the FCC has taken a bold and necessary step to uphold these basic freedoms.”


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