Gay Metal Song Aims to Subvert Canadian Truck Blockade

The Canadian anti-vax mandate truck rally has been causing an uproar north of the border and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is invoking the Emergencies Act, CNN reports.

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But outside of Canada’s national government, there is a group of liberal-leaning subversives who go by the name #RamRanchResistance who have been looking to cause a stir of their own by invoking the eight-year-old raunchy gay metal song, “Ram Ranch,” by musician Grant MacDonald.

At first, the protests began with chats and other communication tools in which those against the truck protest sought to find out more details and the truckers’ plans, Rolling Stone reports. But it’s since grown to include blasting the song and its dirty lyrics like Eighteen naked cowboys wanting to be fucked/Cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch/On their knees wanting to suck cowboy c**ks/Ram Ranch really rocks.

The song was chosen, in part, to subvert the idea of all the (Dodge) Ram trucks.

Rolling Stone quotes one of the anti-trucker rally organizers, Katarina (her last name is withheld), who says that life in Ottawa has been “hell” since the trucker rally began. “We’re watching destruction of property, harassment, people getting up in locals’ faces and telling them to take their masks off.”

It’s from these frustrations that Katarina and co. began blasting the song.

MacDonald told the outlet the song was written, in part, after a Nashville radio station rejected his LGBTQ country songs. “It was to get back at the homophobia of Nashville. That was the whole foundation,” he said.

Since the song first went viral in 2016, he’s written 541 more versions. Now, the song is climbing all of the charts, and when asked about its connection to the anti-truckers protest, he said, “I’m just elated, totally elated that my song could be used to stand up for science.”

What this means for the future of the protests and the protests against the protests, it’s anyone’s guess. But in the meantime, Twitter user Micharl H. summed up the experience, writing on the platform, “Driving around on Saturday with my adult daughter. Every time we saw a convoy truck, a F@ck Trudeau sign, or a mandate freedom sign, we followed them for a bit while blasting Ram Ranch with the windows down……she loved it #RamRanchResisitance @Noellenarwhal”

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