George Harrison Says Paul McCartney’s Dead In New DVD

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A new DVD, dubbed The Last Testament of George Harrison, purportedly contains audio tape of George Harrison claiming Paul McCartney really died in 1966, a rumor which spread like wildfire amongst Beatles fans in the late ’60s. The DVD uses recordings, featuring a voice “identical to Harrison,” that allegedly arrived at the office of Highway 61 Entertainment in 2005.

“Until now, the ‘Paul is Dead’ mystery that exploded worldwide in 1969 was considered a hoax,” reads the press release for the DVD, which is due September 1 from Wienerworld. “However, in this film, George Harrison reveals a secret Beatles history, chronicling McCartney’s fatal accident, the cover up, dozens of unknown clues, and a dangerous cat and mouse game with ‘Maxwell,’ the Beatles’ MI5 handler, as John Lennon became increasingly reckless with the secret. Harrison also insists that Lennon was assassinated in 1980 after he threatened to finally expose ‘Paul McCartney’ as an imposter!”

The film was directed by Joel Gilbert, the auteur behind several DVDs about Bob Dylan.

What do you think, readers? Is Paul really dead? Do unicorns exist? Let us know.


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  1. No, Paul is not dead. The theory is just ridiculous.

    If they put that much energy and effort into replacing him and keeping the secret under wraps, why did they let Paul have a solo career? Form Wings? If he was really replaced, don’t you think that he would have gone back into the woodwork once the Beatles broke up?

    It’s also a stretch that this replacement could be as gifted as the real” come up with Sgt. Peppers concept, look exactly like the real Paul McCartney, and go on to write so many other songs and achieve the fame that Paul McCartney has today.

    Let’s not mention the hundreds of people that M15 had to hush up, who went on acting perfectly like the real Paul McCartney was still alive… and the fake still remembers things from the band’s Liverpool days that nobody else but him would really know.

    Still don’t believe me? Check out this site, they debunk every aspect of the PID rumour.

    It’s just a shame that some sicko out there is slandering George’s name by making this garbage.

  2. i know paul is alive because I saw him in person at sunlife stadium! he looked sounded like and was as into his music as no one but paul mccartney could be…

  3. If you watch the trailer, just hearing the voice that is supposed to be George’s will reveal to the listener almost immediately that it is absolutely not the voice of George Harrison. Sounds more like one of the Rutles…idiotic rubbish and a complete work of fiction!

  4. Yup. He’s dead. Sorry. Do your research. The real Paul’s voice is completely different.

    His face is different. The replacement’s face is longer (you’ve been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long), his ears are close to his head (the real Paul had ears that stuck out really far) and many other differences. The replacement had surgery to change the angle of his eyes. The real Paul was 2″ shorter.

    Its still amazing to me that they were able to pull this off. The replacement is a better base player. He is talented but he is not Paul McCartney.

  5. Well we’ll never know whether the Beatles had anything to do with alleged messages but this dvd is clearly a joke by someone ..the whole Heather Mills scenario…and William Campbell was a name made up by someone in states for ha ha’s so ..did my research Had voice prints done by father’s police friend in late 70’s…using interviews not music…U can guess results for yourself…

  6. All I know is, regardless of who the “current” Paul is, real or fake, He’s a better songwriter, bassist, singer, and all around good guy. Sure, it is kind of a dick move to pretend to be someone else, but y’know what? I couldn’t care less. Even so, it’s a shame they auto-tuned his last live album. You don’t autotune Paul-Freaking-McCartney! Or, for you believers: You Don’t autotune Billy-Freaking-Shears!

    To quote John Lennon: “I think you’re daft.”

  7. Though I generally enjoyed Mr. Gilbert’s previous informative dvd about Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder tour, it was ruined by an endlessly boring section on Dylan’s Christian phase, becoming less about Uncle Bobby and more like a propaganda flick for some SoCal Jesus cult.

    As for this new dvd, it sounds like nothing more than sheer exploitation of a wonderful and much missed artist.

  8. they ran forensic tests on the tapes of “george harrison’s” voice,
    to see if it was actually him. all three tests came up inconclusive.
    why don’t they just run forensics on paul’s voice from before 1966,
    and after 1966.

  9. The best part of the dvd is when they are supposedly looking at Paul’s decapitated body, the Maxwell guy says ” he looks like a Walrus”, and then John starts yelling, ” no, I am the Walrus” Ridiculous stuff.

  10. Well, if he is dead, someone really should let him know before he books anymore of these concert tours. Of course, it does give a new meaning to “dead on one’s feet”, but truthfully…WHAT A LOT OF RUBBISH!

  11. I just watched this…I can do a better Harrison. Come on! If your going to mess with people, at least get a real Brit to do the voice work. And if those are really recordings from a “micro-CAS-ette” recorder, then all musicians need to disregard recording studios, pro tools, etc. There are no imperfections, hisses, etc. that are normally present on a cassette recording through a built in microphone. Or maybe “Moxwill” is really an alien and the recorder is advanced technology. Idiots.

  12. wouldn’t a blood test with paul and his brother or other relative help prove / disprove this theory? he should be happy to put it to rest once and for all. the head and height stuff are very intriguing.

  13. oh, i just watched the movie, some of it clearly seems backed into and some of it brilliant. a lot of stuff i never knew. any recording played backwards yields lots of weird stuff, they claimed zeppelin did it on stairway to heaven – plant was quite amused. didn’t the beatles admit to some monkeying around with this stuff?

  14. ok, i did a bit of research – listen to the beatles pre / post 66 – pauls voice is the same – no way that could be faked – he has a beautiful, unique voice. i have a book, ‘images of the beatles’ parragon publishing. it has hundreds of pictures from their entire career – sorry folks, it’s him – his face shape didn’t change, his chin / eyes didn’t change, his height didn’t change, no scars – it’s him. the teeth, ears, little lines below his eyes – identical throughout. paul could easily pop the whole bubble with a blood test or dental records – for whatever reason he chooses not to – maybe he thinks only nuts would believe it.

    think about it – paul had a huge circle of friends at that time – SOMEONE would have noticed the difference – he had a very active social life apart from the beatles – outstanding commitments, shared experiences ‘faul’ wouldn’t have know of, girls he was intimate with (sorry jane, you weren’t the only one) on and on. his dad and brother would not have gone along, they were quite close.

    also, there’s no way the other 3 could keep that secret – they were stoned kids.

    all the clues and stuff are very entertaining and maybe they were playing some kind of joke but it’s absolutely a hoax.

  15. I watched this video on netflix and I must say…I want my 90 minutes back. So many incorrect details about the beatles are here that this is insipid video is not worth your time. Example: at Paul’s “funeral” only the 3 beatles and Pauls parents were in attendance. Since Pauls mother died when he was in his early teens….I cant go on any more about this poorly executed hoax. Do not buy into this stupidty

  16. how convenient that they found a replacement that looks exactly like him, plays bass, sings, british, and left-handed. yeah dont think pauls dead.

  17. I saw this film last night. It was alright until the narrator said the last album ever recorded was Let it Be. Everyone knows Abbey Road was the last album recorded, Let it Be was just released last. I shut it off after that. Ridiculous.

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