Great Quotations: Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy


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I don’t know if it’s really necessary or helpful for me to think about where I’m going. I’m just more confident at this point in my life that songwriting is something that comes very naturally, and is just part of who I am.

To be honest, I’m more concerned with living my life than writing about my life. I feel like that’s really the main thing I know now that I didn’t know when I was younger — and that is that you have to have a life to write about one. If you’re more worried about having experiences so you can write about them, I think you’re kinda being ridiculous, and I think a lot of young people look at it like that.

I just want to have a lot of experiences, and I don’t give a shit if I write about them or not.

Jeff Tweedy, (via Boulder Weekly)

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